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Tag Archives: turkeys

“seriously, you can’t mess these up” turkey cookie sticks

I’d say I have a history of striving for perfection. I was the stressball high school kid that pulled all-nighters for her AP Calculus exam. I feel anxiety welling up when I look around at the scattered kid toys and food crumbs all over my floors. I don’t achieve perfection, mind you, but I’m one […]

Thanksgiving! turkey cookies for Celebrations

Next up on my list of Thanksgiving cookie ideas I made for Celebrations… Turkeys!Told you I had three in a row. Of course you could just click that link over there in the sidebar that takes you to my page at Celebrations to see all three now, but I like to prolong things as long […]

gobble gobble your turkey dinner

A twist on the standard turkey and pumpkin cookies: turkey legs and pumpkin pie. you will need: dough icing 5 disposable frosting bags 5 couplers 5 decorating tips (sizes 3 and 4) 5 rubber bands brown, black, orange and white food coloring (I use Americolor soft gel pastes) oval cookie cutter sharp knifestep one: cut […]