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Tag Archives: vegan

mini (as in, teeny tiny) chocolate peanut butter heart sandwiches for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and peanut butter. If  ’80s commercials teach us anything, it’s that chocolate and peanut butter are two great tastes that taste great together. And this discovery was made when a man with a chocolate bar and a woman strolling down the street with an open jar of peanut butter bump into each other, as […]

The best VEGAN cut-out cookies and icing. Also, allergies and decorating cookies with kids.

I feel rather confident declaring these the best vegan cut-out cookies and decorating icing in the universe, not having ever left this world, because my picky daughter gobbled up about five of these. And she’s REALLY picky. And they taste good, especially with the icing. AND, they keep their shape beautifully. Gorgeously. Amazingly.  I made […]

vegan cut-out cookies and dc water

Finally… a vegan version of my basic cut-out sugar cookie. A friend of mine requested some vegan decorated cookies for his co-workers who worked hard to create a new campaign for DC Water. Check out their snazzy new logo. the journey to reach a yummy vegan cut-out decorated cookie: 1. I remembered a reader who […]

easy daisy chocolate sandwich cookies (a shortcut and vegan too!)

I’ve mentioned my vegan Supper Club before (HERE). Well…I needed a quick and easy vegan treat to bring that would fit the theme (Spring is near, I wrote this post a month ago). So I turned my daisy topped cookie pops (HERE) into vegan treats. I’ve been working on a vegan version of my cookies, […]

one more vegan treat

I also served these super easy yummy treats at the vegan potluck of one post ago: chocolate dipped pretzels. you will need:*pretzel rods vegan chocolate chips rolling pin sealable bags Oreosgraham crackersbaking tray wax paper *From what I’ve read, Oreos are vegan, but if I’m wrong, feel free to let me know!! Also, I found […]