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The Video Experiment: party marshmallows for New Year’s Eve

As if my inexperience with photography wasn’t enough, I’ve decided to take on video. “Take on video” by propping my camera on a box and pressing the video button. Then fiddling with the free software on my computer. So forgive the quality (or rather, lack thereof). Pretend I’m speaking louder in that second part. I […]

marshmallow dressup, the voting and the original

Above is the original version of my marshmallow dressup video, the one with The Smiths, “One Charming Man,” and Haddoway, “What is Love.” Because of copyright fears, I changed the music to enter the Foodbuzz Project Food Blog challenge. you can VOTE for me HERE (click the TV below to watch the updated version with […]

Marshmallow Dress Up. a stop motion video short.

UPDATE: Vote for this video HERE. I can’t believe that I made it to Round 7 of the Project Food Blog challenge. I mean really can’t believe. The competition at this point is ridiculously good, so I’ve a feeling my days are numbered. Which is why I took a big risk with Challenge 7: to […]