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Tag Archives: watermelon

blue lemonade for Celebrations, with or without the booze

The next drink I made for Celebrations to celebrate the 4th of July can be either with or without alcohol. So everyone is covered. All I did was turn lemonade blue. That, and add a watermelon star stirrer (aka watermelon pop). For the how-tos to make blue lemonade (with or without alcohol), click HERE to […]

blast from the past… cookie watermelons

  A quick one today, because these are already been-there-done-that. I made some cookie watermelons three years ago, but in some last minute cookie decorating madness Tuesday night I popped these out for the Washington DC TV-viewing area. Wednesday morning on a brief appearance on a station here in DC, WUSA channel 9, I presented […]

fruit pops and silly veggie faces, a lesson in fun food

Once the word leaked out at my daughter’s school that I decorate cookies and cupcakes and marshmallows and such things, it wasn’t long before I was tapped as a resource. My daughter’s teacher asked me if I’d like to lead a session with some kids in the school. I love kids, I love my daughter’s […]

summer is here…

… at least in my part of the world, though we’ve had our uncomfortably hot days already. Any big summer plans? We’ll be digging into the lead-filled walls of our 1930s fixer-upper home this summer, so my daughter and I will be heading North to visit family to avoid the dust.   A little trip […]

fondant watermelon slices

These little slices of watermelon can be used as cupcake toppers (just rest atop the frosting) or to decorate cookies (just cut out cookies of the same shape and adhere with a thin layer of frosting or corn syrup) or for whatever you fancy (like collected in a baggy for a super sweet treat). They […]