eek! monsters!

how to make eek! monsters! bite-size cookies

you will need:*
1 1/2″ circle cookie cutter
frosting colors (black, white and any background color)
1 frosting bag for each color

1 coupler for each color
rubber bands
decorating tips, sizes 2, 3, and 4

*Find cutters, bags, couplers and tips at any major craft store. For colors, I use Americolor soft gel pastes. You will need White and Black coloring for the eyes, and your preferred background color. I used Orange, Electric Green and Regal Purple.
step one: bake your circles
Cut out mini circles and bake according to recipe. Let cool.

step two: prepare your frosting
Prepare frosting according to the recipe and divide to mix your colors (I used 5 colors. You will need white and black for the eyes, and I used orange, lime and purple for the backgrounds.) For each background color, prepare a frosting bag with coupler and size “4” tip. Fill bags and tie closed with rubber band. For eyes, fill a bag fitted with a size “3” tip with white and fill a bag fitted with a size “2” tip for black.

step three: decorate your monster bites
Pipe a circle and fill with your preferred color. Let set about ten minutes. Pipe one, three or four dots with white and let set about ten minutes. Pipe dots on top of the white and pipe a smile with the black frosting. Let dry overnight if wrapping.
The monster mash.

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  1. Wic says

    They are so cute and funny.
    My twin boys will go crazy for them. I think I know what we will be doing today.
    Thanks for the lovely idea.

  2. Chic Cookies says

    You are all way too nice! Yes…great to have a kitchen back (not totally done, but the oven's in). And look, Amanda, I recently found this web site:, "the cute food blog." (I found it b/c they featured my gourds).

  3. Sidnie says

    Love these!
    Our little monster has his first birthday in the next week, these are perfect for him!!
    [Linking in my Friday Favorites]

  4. Kim says

    My daughter is pregnant with a baby boy and is decorating the room in Lil’ Monster theme. I’m making these cookies for her lil monster themed baby shower. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    • meaghanmountford says

      Love it Kim! What a genius idea for decorating a room… I have two girls, but I’m thinking the younger one would be the one to like monsters.

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