GIVEAWAY! Sugarlicious sneak peak and totally tubular cookies

Lots more giveaways are coming your way, as promised. Every week I’ll give you a little something leading up to the day that Sugarlicious graces the world with its presence. (Have you pre-ordered yet?)

This time, I’m giving 3 of you a signed copy of the 16-page booklet thingamajig (called a BLAD in the publishing world) that glimpses inside Sugarlicious AND a special treat from my own kitchen. Because I love you all that much.

After spending so much time decorating cookies, presenting them is just as important. I usually package cookies in cello gift bags found at the craft store, and tied with ribbon. But the beauty of cookies is that once dried, they stack, pack and ship well, too.

I found these tube containers at The Container Store. Perfect for round cookies. I cut out a piece of decorative cardstock 9 1/2 inches by 7 inches, wrapped around the tube and secured with double-sided tape. for the cookies, I cut out my cookie dough with a circle cutter just under 2-inches across (these fit snugly, if your cookies spread at all, you may want a slightly smaller circle), and decorated them with my royal icing tinted with Americolor soft gel pastes. I assembled decorating bags with couplers and decorating tips, size “5” (find tips on supplies here), and piped swirls. Let the cookies dry overnight. Stack sets of five cookies in a large cello favor bag from the craft store, wrap the cello bag tightly around the cookies and tie at the top with ribbon. Slide two stacks of five in the tube.

What about all of you bakers and treat makers? How do you give your cookies as a gift?
to enter to win the sneak-peek thingamajig and a tube of ten cookies
(reminder, this isn’t the book itself which is out February 7th,
this is a booklet sneak peek that my awesome publisher made)
leave a comment here before
Thursday, January 5th, midnight, EST 

For a second and third chance to win,
like me on facebook and/or follow me on twitter,
come back and leave another comment(s) telling me.

(Sorry folks, funds are limited so I have to keep this US addresses only!)

For anyone with allergies, see the ingredients for sugar cookies and royal icing HERE.

Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog's photographs and text are protected by copyright, I do allow (and encourage) you to share ONE photograph with credit to "the decorated cookie" and link to this blog post. PLEASE don't reprint any part of the blog post and PLEASE don't post a photo without credit. Thank you!


  1. Melinda says

    I wrap them up in plastic wrap then bubble wrap and put them tightly into a box. They stay all nice and bump free that way. I had never thought of a tube. I just might try that next time. Love you blog btw!

  2. Joan V says

    Ah, how cute. I love the presentation of your cookies. How awesome to have the container coordinaate with the cookies. I usually just put my cookies in a tin, but now I can NEVER do that again. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jeanetta says

    I pre-ordered your book a couple of weeks ago but am having trouble being patient. A preview would get me by!

  4. Gina says

    Been following your cookies for the past year. You never cease to amaze me. I love making cookie favors and you always give me great ideas. I kinda stalk you, lol. Keep it up. And would love to get your sneak peak of course. If not, still stalking, lol.

  5. Jeanetta says

    I've liked yout FB page for a long time. I've used your Royal Icing (sort of) recipe for about a year. I like it better than royal icing.

  6. Deanne says

    I pack my cookies from bags, to treat boxes and platters wrapped in cellophane, would love to try your cookies, love this packaging idea! Hope I win!! Happy New Year!

  7. Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more says

    I cannot win, but i wanted to say how cute! I so want your book when it comes out.

  8. Sweetly Favored says

    Super cool. Love the colors! Cant wait for your new book release. Cookie Sensations was one of the first cookie decorating books I bought! I havent preordered Sugarliscious only because I'll more than likely be at my local Barnes and Noble on February 7th to claim a copy first thing! Congrats!

  9. LiEr says

    I love the tubes! They remind me of the cookie dough packaging that my girls' Melissa and Doug cookie set comes with. I just pack my cookies in disposable 8'x 8' baking trays with covers. Boring. And that book! Sneak peek or actual thing, it would be wonderful to win it. Thank you!

  10. juju says

    Your ideas inspire me and your are so thoughtful to share all your cookies and ideas with so many….
    thank you for blessing us each one.

  11. suburban prep says

    Wow how wonderful.
    I am boring I guess when I give cookies away as a gift. I put them in a zip lock bag or a tin.

  12. b stapleton says

    Wow…I've been following on facebook for a while now. You are super talented. Love the things you create!

  13. says

    What a cute idea for shipping cookies!
    I make a chocolate coated popcorn (in bags) that I use to help pad the shipping container…that and bubble wrap!

  14. Amy H. says

    I'd LOVE to WIN your book, like everyone else here!! I am new to cookie making, and every technique and idea helps! I'm also a teacher, so my guinea pigs are my students and department. :)

  15. The Brunette Baker says

    You are super talented! Your website draws me like a kid to a candy store! I can't wait to see your book! Congratulations!

  16. Lisa G from Confessions of a Closet Raw Foodie Wannabe says

    I gift cookies in a recycled cookie tin. I line the inside (sides and bottom) with parchment paper cut to fit. Then I stack cookies in paper muffin cups. Next I cover over the cookies with a cut to size piece of cardboard and stack more paper muffin cups with cookies on top!

  17. Lisa G from Confessions of a Closet Raw Foodie Wannabe says

    I pack cookies in a recycled cookie tin. First I wash the tin and dry it really well with a hair dryer (to keep it from rusting). Next I line the side and bottom with parchment paper. The cookies get stacked in muffin cups with a cut to fit piece of cardboard between layers.

  18. danielle040575 says

    My daughter and I enjoy baking/decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies. We would love to receive a sneak peek copy of the book.

  19. B Greene says

    Your treats are amazing – I am horrible at packaging, I must admit. Hopefully the treats are a big enough hit on their own, but I really do need to step up the presentation!

  20. TheDishDiva says

    You are an awesome cookie decorator! I made decorated sugar cookies to fund my first cookbook-The Dish Diva-and had to retire "The Cookie Diva" because of health reasons :(. I still LOVE to look at your creations!!

  21. darcestar says

    Liked you on FB too, and I am following you on Twitter! {I'm Darcie Cohee on FB, and Darce_Vader on Twitter!} :)

  22. OhCakeyGoodness says

    The tube containers are so cute! What a cute way to ship or gift round cookies! I just sent some "welcome" cookies to my cousin on the birth of his daughter and used diapers (new, in ziploc bags to keep them clean) as cushioning.

  23. gradstudentfoodie says

    I love your blog. Such great inspiration. I would love to get the sneak peak booklet and try some of those cookies!

  24. Anonymous says

    I would love to win the sneak peak as I am always looking for good recipes because I like to have some new recipes along with some old ones to bake to enter into the local farmshow…I make 12 to 13 different kinds in one day to enter ;-)…last fall I placed on all but 2…about half first place ;-)…I am a little crazy, but everyone usually is happy with the trays of cookies . I never tried the iced ones you make and they look really tasty …thanks Melody

  25. Lee says

    Congrats on the book and thanks for the sneak peek and giveaway!! I love to give my cookies in decorated boxes. :) love the tubes!

  26. bb says

    I use my love of making decorated cookies and gingerbread houses for marketing giveaways (my business has nothing to do with food!). At least 4 times a year I give away hundreds of cookie gifts to clients. It's hard to find quick, affordable packaging. I usually use those clear plastic clamshell cookie containers you see in grocery stores with a stretchy gold tie or cellophane bags with ribbon. Right this minute I am making your Snowman Cookie Kits but I couldn't find an afforable source of Chinese take out boxes so I'm using the clamshells. I am so looking forward to using the tubes in the future! You are a constant source of inspiration to me and I am so grateful that you are so willing to share your talent! You are awesome!!! I'll see you on fb & twitter too. I've got your book on my Amazon wish list! You are awesome!

  27. PAvoter! says

    Sounds just YUMMY and I would love to try – just recently found your blog and am in aweeeeeeeeeeee- just WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Semilove says

    I am so looking forward to your book! I love the cookies and the containers, too! I hope I win so I can get even more psyched about the book! Thank you for offering such a great give-away! I hope I win!

  29. Nicole says

    The tubes are a great idea, and the swirly cookies are so bright and happy!! I'd love a sneak peek. Congrats on the new book! Yay!!!

  30. Marcus Popetz says

    Man! 109 comments! I'm never going to win those cookies. I did like you on facebook though, so that wins me one more vote.

    We made your cookies from the first book for Christmas this year, they rocked.

    Marcus and Kim

  31. mollyt says

    A little embarrassed to say I've never been to your blog! But I love your postings on CraftGossip! Thanks for the opportunity to win a sneak peak of your new book and some cookies.

  32. Elin says

    My favorite way to give cookies are to make those mixes in jars and allow people to bake on their own. However, if I'm really feeling generous, I love those Chinese takeout looking containers.

  33. Karen Diebolt says

    Your cookies are beautiful, and I like the packaging too. I usually just put my cookies on a plate. I would love to win some of your cookies.

  34. Jen F says

    Awesome cookies! I generally pack them in decorative boxes or tins — for display purposes i keep them in baggies with colored ribbons! :) btw liked you fb too!!

  35. aloha37 says

    Love, love, love these cookies and cookie tube! I can see using a Pringles can for this! How fun!, Would love to win this!

  36. Edythe says

    You will be the reason I break my New Years Resolution!! Not really, but your work is beautiful and I'm sure tasty.

  37. Karen Norris says

    I made pumpkin cookies with my daughter for school and made a paper pumpkin patch to display them in. It was a hit.I love your creativity.

  38. Clairecomp says

    Hi, I have liked you on Facebook and also Tweeted you, and now I am telling you how much I LOVE cookies. I hope I can win.

  39. Charmed Life says

    Great giveaway and just gorgeous cookies. I like to put homemade goodies in plastic baggies then tuck them inside of fabric drawstring pouches that I sew up.

  40. pwhite7408 says

    My daughter loves to bake and share with others…so I know she would love these! I need to practice and then once we know what we are doing, we will have a blast!

  41. Suzie Q says

    That book looks soooo cool!!! I can't wait to see it in person! I liked you on FB and I'm following you on Twitter!!! Would love to taste those cookies!!! Thanks for the chance!

  42. Jane S. says

    Those are about the cutest cookies ever! Really nice packaging too.

    I'd love to be entered for the preview booklet and some yummy cookies. Thank you!

  43. Susan K. says

    Love your work, and can't wait to see what's "under the covers" of your new book!

    I usually wrap my cookies individually – and I love using glassine bags with custom seals. {Thank goodness for Avery Labels! } LOVE the tube idea, but that would mean I'd have to give 10 away at a time – HAHA!!

    thanks for the chance to win!!!

  44. says

    Your cookies are beautiful and I remember how great they taste! Good luck with the book. Makes me want to bake!

  45. GeoCupcake says

    You are AWESOME!!! My girls & I made christmas cookies using your cookie and icing recipes. They came out delicious.

  46. isabella says

    Congratulations for your work! Perhaps with this book even a little bit I could get close to this perfection.

  47. Karyn - Pint Sized Baker says

    Just liked you on FB. If I win, I'll save you shipping and pick up from you! I'll even buy YOU a cup of coffee :) Whadda ya say?

  48. mccmom says

    So, in line with your "totally tubular" cookie tubes, I thought I would share how I "stack" mine….

    Using a rinsed and dried pringles can, I re-cover the outside with coordinating paper and lid topper. Punch one round hole in either side of the can, and loop some decorative ribbon through the top, securing at both sides (not over the can).
    And….there ya have an instant cookie tote ready to be gifted!

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