about me

the decorated cookie is a blog about decorated cookies, painted marshmallows, and other crafty sweets. I’m especially fond of drawing on food and putting stuff on sticks.

Years ago, I wrote a book, Cookie Sensations, which is really hard to find now. I wrote another, which Harlequin is kind enough to publish.  Sugarlicious, on shelves in February 2012. I worked for almost a decade as a cookie decorator at a shop outside Washington, DC, but I left to stay home with my daughter who talks a lot and is currently really into rainbows and unicorns. And then five years later, I had another daughter. So now I’m home with her. Also, I love books (specifically, children’s and young adult) and all things academic. I have an MFA in Literature and an MA in Liberal Arts.

 My cookies have appeared in BridesThe Washington Post, and The New York Times and on lots and lots of web sites., including the Huffington Post, Bon Appetit, iVillage, Saveur, Buzzfeed, the kitchn, yahoo and more.  I also create fun food for Celebrations and Kix Cereal.

Since I’m all about cookies and marshmallows, there is little space on this blog to talk about my health history. But because it informs so much of my every day, I feel you should know that I’ve struggled with auto-immune disease and intestinal mayhem for twenty years now (yikes, half of my life!). I’ve spent days and weeks at a time in a hospital gown, the ICU is a too-familiar place, and I’ve had multiple major surgeries, my colon removed, my intestines reconstructed and even a third of my lung chopped out. (See here for more on this.) My two girls are miracles (of science). Hmmm. Guess all that doesn’t really inform rainbow marshmallow pops or cotton candy cookies as much as it speaks to the reality behind the life of a food blogger. It’s not all marshmallows and cookies, folks. Some of it is, though.

I live in Washington DC with my husband, two kids and three cats.


contact me at: thedecoratedcookie {at} gmail {dot} com

this photo was taken by Abby Greenawalt, by the way, a super cool photographer