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Tag Archives: Easter Egg decorating

9 easter egg decorating ideas (from oh so long ago)

I created these Easter egg decorating ideas FIVE years ago for Reader’s Digest. Five years. In blog years, that’s like twenty. And yet, I still feel like the old fogy blogger who has no clue how this whole interwebs thing works. But I’ve seen these egg ideas floating around, and they have moved locations on […]

in which I share 12 Easter egg decorating ideas from others

This collection of Easter egg decorating ideas I did for Reader’s Digest a couple years ago is still one of my favorites. I should, of course, mention that in real life we dunk our eggs into some colored vinegar and call it a day, but for blog world, I like to feel more creative.  Below […]

Easter roundup from the archives

You know the drill. In my part-laziness, part-actual-exhaustion-from-life thing I am capitalizing on the wealth of stuff in my archives to get me through seasons. No, I mean, I’m sharing these things for all you folks new to my blog. Yeah. It’s total consideration for the new folks. Let’s go with that. Above are little […]

from the archives: Easter egg decorating ideas

  Are you decorating some eggs this year? I’m assuming this will be a necessary activity with my darling. Look what I just dug up from archives. Ages ago (eek, maybe three years ago!?! Wow time flies in blog land!) I made this spread of Easter egg decorating ideas for Reader’s Digest.     Reader’s […]

the decorated easter eggs collection

There are a million billion Easter egg decorating ideas on the web (I know, I’ve searched for them.) But just in case you need more, I did a spread for Reader’s Digest last year. Find the decorated egg how-tos HERE. Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog’s photographs and text are protected by copyright, […]