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Tag Archives: grass

pinwheels-in-the-grass cupcakes for Celebrations

What does Summer mean to you? The smell of freshly cut grass wafting through the air as you walk barefoot in the grass? And step on a bee? Yeah, I’m a half-empty kind of person. I go right there to the bee sting. Really, though, it’s not very smart to walk barefoot in the grass. […]

royal icing flowers on field-of-grass cupcakes

This is another one of those “whipped up with leftover icing” things. I’m not crazy about my piped designs, for which I blame my kids. Ugh, they always need stuff like dinner and formula. Point being, I really did whip these up. Too quickly. I may revisit the flower thing the next time I have […]

finally… a bit o’ recognition from Martha

Despite being horribly un-photogenic and terrified of being on TV, it is a dream of mine to be on Martha, and I get pangs of angst and jealousy when I see anything cookie related on her show (surely, that should be me showing Martha that). Well, I feel a wee bit closer to achieving said […]