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Tag Archives: stirrers

blue lemonade for Celebrations, with or without the booze

The next drink I made for Celebrations to celebrate the 4th of July can be either with or without alcohol. So everyone is covered. All I did was turn lemonade blue. That, and add a watermelon star stirrer (aka watermelon pop). For the how-tos to make blue lemonade (with or without alcohol), click HERE to […]

how to draw on food: hot cocoa stirrers

Another one in the category of super-easy-last-minute. And a great li’l gift idea, too, packaged with a mug and hot cocoa. how to make hot cocoa stirrers you will need: marshmallows candy canes edible writers* *I prefer Americolor Gourmet Writers or FooDoodlers Fine Line pens. Buying the sets is best, but you will only need […]