impulse buying and Halloween linzer cookies

I am such a sucker for stuff in the check out aisles. I picked up a Halloween linzer cookie set as I was juggling the kitchenware-I-don’t-need waiting in line at HomeGoods. But aren’t these the cutest? And so easy, too. When I was in Michaels, I saw a similar set from Wilton.
how I made them
I used my chocolate cookie dough for the cookies, cutting out the little ghosts, pumpkins, tombstones, bats, cats and witch hats with the mini cutters in the package. Then, I tinted fondant with my soft gel pastes (Orange, Regal Purple and Electric Green), rolled it out, used the linzer cutter to cut out a shape the same size as the cookie, and sandwiched the fondant between the two cookies using corn syrup as a glue. You can also use tinted frosting for this part.
the rest
And what did I do with all the little ghosts, pumpkins, tombstones, bats, cats and witch hats I cut out? I baked them, of course, and made little ghost, pumpkin tombstone, bat, cat and witch hat cookie bites.

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  1. Jaime says

    LOL- I had to laugh when I saw this post. I, too, had a similar experience at Michaels, but I ended up putting the Halloween linzer cookie set DOWN. :-) Thanks for showing me what could have been!

  2. Sarah-Lyn says

    God! I just love your blog!! lol

    I've been a cupcake baker at home, for about 2+ years now but looking at your blog I am seriously considering leaving the cupcakes for a bit and trying cookies as my next challenge! Just love your work!


  3. TheChocolatePriestess says

    That kits sounds like so much fun! I know I have a friend who would die to try that out for me or with me.

  4. J+S says

    What's the secret to having them not spread so the shapes get so distorted? Mine always spread too much, even if I refrigerate the dough (which is then rock hard and really difficult to roll out) and refrigerate the shapes after cutting them. Yeah, I'm challenged. I need lessons from you!


  5. Chic Cookies says

    The secret Jenifer? Good dough. Good baking trays. Preheated oven that is actually the temperature it's supposed to be. I do chill my dough, for about 2 hours only. If it's too chilled, let it sit at room temp til pliable but still cold. I also flour stuff generously so it doesn't stick. And I find shortbread-y cookie recipes with one egg tend to spread less. I've had great luck with this chocolate cookie recipe (it has 2 eggs, so go figure) though.

  6. cookies and cups says

    Homegoods always sucks my in…those cute little bags of candy that I will never eat. Have far too many sitting in my pantry right now

    Very cute cookies! Love the colors :)

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