Pancake Party!! and I made garden decorated pancakes


So I got invited to a Pancake Party, and I didn’t even have to wear my PJs and slippers (though I wear these with stunning frequency, so I was probably wearing them when I made these pancakes). Rachel of Rachel Cooks is hosting a Pancake Party for all of July. Each day a different blogger will contribute a different, yummy pancake.  Be sure to visit Rachel Cooks this month to see all the fabulous pancake recipes and ideas from awesome bloggers!!


I made these pancakes back in APRIL!! And I’ve been dying to share them with you. I love participating in this kind of thing, because working outside my usual medium is always a fun challenge. I had to choose “decorated” pancakes, of course.



So I just applied my cookie decorating logic to the pancake, much as my four year old applies her own four year old logic to the unknown universe.  Like how on gray and cloudy days, both the sun and moon are sleeping.



The result? Now I’m hooked on decorated pancakes. When pancakes are treated like cookies… Oh, the possibilities!


For the step-by-step how-tos, click HERE to visit Rachel Cooks!!!

What pancakes will you be making??





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