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Tag Archives: coconut

how to make chocolate coconut fondue to go (in minutes!)

Remember a bit back when I made these magic shell marshmallow pops? Well I had some of the chocolate-coconut mixture leftover. So it sat in the mason jar, covered with plastic wrap, on the kitchen counter for a few days. And I kept grabbing stuff to dip in it–pretzels, strawberries, bread–because the consistency was perfect […]

fuzzy monster pops

I don’t know at what point we, as a collective imagination, decided monsters needed to be fuzzy. Oh wait, yes I do. Good call, Jim. The fuzzy part makes monsters decidedly less scary and infinitely more cute. Here, coconut is the fuzz.     how to make fuzzy monster pops   you will need:* green […]

Twinkie, HoHo, SnoBall, CupCakes…now in 2-D! (and on sticks)

All the best Hostess snacks, put on a cookie and stuck on sticks. Clearly, snow-bound dementia has set in. None of the actual products are needed to make these cookies, but I shan’t judge if you need to stock up on your HoHos, SnoBalls, CupCakes and Twinkies to use as models. These cookies were really […]

finally… a bit o’ recognition from Martha

Despite being horribly un-photogenic and terrified of being on TV, it is a dream of mine to be on Martha, and I get pangs of angst and jealousy when I see anything cookie related on her show (surely, that should be me showing Martha that). Well, I feel a wee bit closer to achieving said […]