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Tag Archives: cookie cutters

Sugarlicious GIVEAWAY!!! signed copy of Sugarlicious, some prizes and some cookie cutters

UPDATE: Congratulations to Meg! She won the book and prizes. And Congratulations to DD, Shannon, Elin and Ilissa! They won the cookie cutters and other Sugarlicious goodies. Thank you to all for participating!!   Just in time for the holidays! OK, so I’m too late for Halloween, but the other holidays. One last hoorah and […]

GIVEAWAY!! super cool camera cookie cutters

One of the benefits of blogging is getting cool stuff in the mail to try. Wanna know what I got? The cutest little camera cookie cutters in the cutest little packaging. Wanna know what I made? You probably figured it out from that photo up there and your powers of logic. The cutest little camera […]

a special cookie cutter discount…. just for you!

This cookie’s going shopping!! And so can you… Remember when I posted some tips on how to build a cookie cutter collection? And how I raved about Ann Clark cookie cutters? Weeell… all of the decorated cookie‘s readers get a 10 percent discount from Ann Clark ltd. through the end of the year. And it’s […]

how to build a cookie cutter collection

I recently posted my shopping list of cookie decorating supplies along with some tips on where to find these items (see that post HERE). A reader, Alexa, asked a fabulous question I think deserves a whole post: what are the basic cookies cutters that every cookie enthusiast should have? I spent much time researching cookie […]