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fall from the archives

  It’s official, despite the creeping heat outside, that Fall is here. My darling started kindergarten today. Sniffle. Actually, truth be told, there were no sniffles for either of us. For me, I kinda need the break to catch up, and she was in the same school for full-day preK last year (see here? her […]

felt woodland cupcake wrappers

  Like many, I have an affinity for fairy woodland gnome toadstool fawn forest type scenarios. Something about the combination is so very earthy and retro and magical. These fabric cupcake wrappers were inspired by the sculptable frosting figures created by my friend Cheryl at Sew Can Do. (Teaser: Cheryl will be guest posting on […]

felt flower cupcake toppers

Once again, it’s time for my Sew Can Do blogging pal, Cheryl, and I to swap out some posts. This week we’re celebrating Spring. These felt flower cupcake toppers, to be featured at Sew Can Do tomorrow, are my attempt at dabbling a bit with fabric. Still no needle and thread, but a little closer […]

poppy wall mural (with detachable poppies!)

As promised, the how-tos for the poppy tree in the little cookie’s room… (I do realize, of course, that poppies don’t grow on trees–or do they?–but that’s what I have dubbed these flowers, so there you go.) The felt flowers are removable, so your little one (or you) can arrange and rearrange as you like. […]

election day cupcake toppers

OK, so not exactly cookies, but these election day cupcake toppers are still in the realm of baking and sweetness. you will need:red, white and blue craft feltscissors tracing paper pencil fusible webbing (I use “lite steam-a-steam 2“) fabric gluelollipop sticks iron and ironing board cupcakes, of course All of the above should be available […]