rainbow cookie push pops and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Wanna know what these are?
Oh, I guess the title gave it away.
Also, you can just glance down.

I dare to say push pops could be the next big thing. Or at least, I’ve seen a slight upsurge in them. When I spotted this post on Gordon Gossip linking to these cupcake push pops at Love from the Oven, I had to have some of those surprisingly hard-to-find containers. Jenifer of Gordon Gossip clued me in to a source: Pastry Chef Central. Note they are out of stock til June 1 (see? an upsurge). But I got my order in before said upsurge. For 100 push up pop containers. So these won’t be my first push pop creations. And this won’t be my last giveaway of a dozen push pop containers. Cuz that’s (part of) what I’m giving away (below). You can also find them at the etsy shop, CupKatesEventDesign.

My first idea was marshmallows. But they didn’t fit. Hence, these rainbow marshmallow kabobs. So I stuck with cookies.

The containers are great, though I doubted my intelligence when I first attempted assembling them. (I should note I have two masters degrees. They didn’t help.) They come with lids and everything.

how to make cookie push pops

you will need:*

push pop containers
1 1/2-inch circle cookie or fondant cutter


disposable decorating bags
size “5” decorating tips
rubber bands
food coloring

*Find the circle cutter at the craft store or cake decorating shops. At the craft store, find the decorating bags, couplers, and tips. You’ll need one for each color icing you choose. Choose sprinkles or sanding sugar to match each color, also at the craft store. Or, just use white sprinkles. I use Americolor soft gel paste food coloring. Electric Pink, Orange, Egg Yellow, Electric Green, Sky Blue and Regal Purple used here. For tips on finding supplies CLICK HERE.

step one: bake your cookies
Prepare dough according to the recipe, chill, roll out and cut out circles. Bake according to the recipe and let cool.

step two: prepare your icing
Prepare icing according to the recipe, divide, and tint desired colors. Prepare decorating bags with couplers and tips, fill with icing and close tightly with rubber bands.

step three: decorate your cookies
Work with one cookie at a time. Pipe a circle on the cookie, then pipe back and forth to fill the cookie completely. Immediately coat with a coordinating color of sprinkles and turn over to remove excess. Let dry uncovered overnight before stacking in the push pop containers.

the push pop giveaway

Since I ordered so very, very many, I decided to give one lucky winner a dozen push pop containers. But that hardly seems like enough of a prize, so I’m also throwing in a 1 1/2 inch circle cookie cutter. And since that hardly seems like a prize, I’m also including six bottles of Americolor Soft Gel Pastes (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple). I’ll also throw in a little container of white sprinkles.

the prize:
a dozen push pop containers
1 1/2 inch circle cookie cutter
six bottles of Americolor soft gel paste
white sprinkles
(no actual cookies included)

to enter:
leave a comment to this post
to enter again (optional):
for a second entry, “like” me on my facebook page, come back, and leave another comment
(If you already like me on fb, it’s only fair you also get a second entry, so a comment telling me you already like me, I mean really, really like me, works too.)
deadline to enter is midnight, Sunday, May 8 EST
this giveaway is worldwide
winner randomly drawn (winner has 48 hours to respond after being notified before another winner is drawn)

Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog's photographs and text are protected by copyright, I do allow (and encourage) you to share ONE photograph with credit to "the decorated cookie" and link to this blog post. PLEASE don't reprint any part of the blog post and PLEASE don't post a photo without credit. Thank you!


  1. ptreesha says

    The possibilities are endless…love the layered cookie idea. I'd like to try coffee cakes and other combos too.

  2. Melissa says

    Ooooh! I would love to win! I just decorated cupcakes for the first time (really decorated, not just slathering on frosting) on Easter and had so much fun :) Cookies seem like the perfect next step!

  3. Katrina {In Katrina's Kitchen} says

    Cuteness I have loved seeing these all over. Love your take!! And what a great giveaway! Thanks

  4. Kelly - Kell's Kitchen says

    These cookie push pops look so cute! Would love to try to make these myself! I'm also very curious about the Americolor soft gel pastes.

  5. TheWaageWaay says

    Liked you on Facebook, since I'm always on there it is the easist ways to get notice of your updates. :)

  6. suburban prep says

    These are simply wonderful. I know many little ones that would get a great kick out of these. I know a lot of adults would love these as well.

  7. Audrey says

    TOO COOL!! My granddaughter Lily has just discovered "push pops" — I can't wait to make her some "cookie pops" — please — keep the fun ideas coming — I need the help!!:)

  8. megs_is_a_bitch says

    I love your posts. I also love the fact you finally have a facebook fan page. (I totally "liked" it!)
    As a kid, I loved pushups. As an adult, I love cookies. The idea is perfect!

  9. Caitlin Elizabeth says

    These are so cool!! I used to always get pushpops as a kid and reusing the containers is a brilliant idea! I can't wait to plan a summer party!

  10. C&C Cakery says

    I have seen those push pop containers here and there, but I had no idea they were available to buy! I must have them – they would make our cupcake kebab creation so much easier to assemble :)

  11. C&C Cakery says

    I have seen those push pop containers here and there, but I had no idea they were available to buy! I must have them – they would make our cupcake kebab creation so much easier to assemble :)

  12. C&C Cakery says

    I have seen those push pop containers here and there, but I had no idea they were available to buy! I must have them – they would make our cupcake kebab creation so much easier to assemble :)

  13. C&C Cakery says

    I have seen those push pop containers here and there, but I had no idea they were available to buy! I must have them – they would make our cupcake kebab creation so much easier to assemble :)

  14. Chic Cookies says

    (adding comment for tami b/c of blog error)

    I just liked you on facebook the other day when you were featured on cupcakes take the cake. I am so happy I found you! I just printed out your recipes for sugar cookies and icing to make cookies for a wedding shower I am hosting. I can't wait. I would love to try my hand at making these push up cookies for my daughter's birthday, how fun!

    Thank you for this great blog!


  15. Sgt.Pepper says

    partecipo non volentieri, ma volentierissimo al tuo contest!!!!!!
    i tuoi biscotti sono semplicemente deliziosi!!!!!
    a presto, un saluto dall'Italia!

  16. Lora Joy says

    I've been trying to get my hands on this push pops! I love that you can put cookies in! I'd love to try this!!!! :)

  17. Kenni says

    I have been seeing these things everywhere! It never even crossed my mind to put cookies in there! You win at cookies!

  18. Mia and Deniece, Boulder Creek Cupcakes says

    so I love the pushpop idea, but I find them to be a little out of my price range…I'm waiting for them to come down in price, then they will be a regular thing for me 😉

  19. Angela @ A Mama's Two Cents Worth... says

    I would really love to win this giveaway because I have a birthday girl I know this idea would suit since she is the princess in our house. We would have a blast creating them together for her party.
    nscrofan at rogers dot com

  20. yainea says

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win :)
    The cookies look great inside the push pops, great idea for an original gift, thanks!

  21. bytesizedpieces says

    Ooooh, I'd like a chance to make these push pops at home! Thanks for the great giveaway.

    bytesizedpieces (at) gmail.com

  22. Anonymous says

    I am so excited about these! I have two little boys who would LOVE to help make these push pops. Great giveaway idea!

    efiorito (at) comcast (dot) net

  23. Jessie says

    These are awesome! I bet that I could get my boys involved too. Sooo Rad! The extras that your throwing in make this an extra SwEeT deal <3

  24. Lisa Llewellyn says

    Thank you for a good link to buy the containers!! I was needing some for my daughter's first birthday party. I would love to win this package!

  25. Jen says

    I <3 Americolor gels! I tried making a red icing with Wilton and no luck. Then I found Americolor at Hobby Lobby. It worked beautifully.

  26. B says

    i completely agree that these will be the next big thing. i had no idea you could buy these! how great for a mini trifle, maybe tiramisu, layered cupcakes, even homemade sherbert pops? i would love to win some!

  27. vanessa b says

    I love your blog! You have inspired me to try and make desserts for my kiddies pretty as can be. Your rainbow marshmallow kabobs were a big hit at an easter get together! Many thanks!

  28. stacy says

    oooooo those just look sooo gorgeous. I'm a newcomer to the cookie making stage but i'm sure my nieces and nephews would just love these. I would really enjoy making them

  29. Stephanie says

    I used to LOVE push-pops when I was a kid. I never would have thought to do it with cookies! Very clever. :)

  30. Cash Is Chaos says

    Those look like so much fun! I would love to try it. I would also like to know where you ordered form, even it is ni quantities of 100, lol.

    robinleanne80 (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. Trish - Sweetology101 says

    Fast and Fancy this is great. I love how cute, yummy, yet "contemporary they are! Of course I already follow YOU on FB thanks!

  32. Erin says

    Love! I have noticed that people have started using those too! They remind me of the push pops we begged my parents for when we were little. What if you dyed your cookie dough as well to match the sprinkles? Just saying, it might be cool from the side. :)

  33. Jenn @ BentoForKidlet says

    Super cute! I wondered where to get the push containers, I will have to stalk them until they are back in stock!

  34. stefanietweedy says

    These look awesome. I would like to try some little brownies, chocolate and toffee….yummo. Thanks so much for inspiring us to be better bakers and try new things.

  35. Deb_in_oz says

    omg i was just thinking about push pops the other day because i live in Australia now (am a New Yorker) and my kids have no idea about them. I keep a mental list of all the things from my childhood i want them to taste when we visit in the future! cool cookie idea!

  36. debbief says

    these are so cute! i'd love to try these out and noone will have seen anything like it over here in england!!

  37. sonyaeverding says

    This is great. I bet you would bake off a cake then use cookie cuter to cut and layer with whip cream or icing or even ICE CREAM for a super summer treat,. YUM the endless ideas. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks Sonya

  38. Colleen says

    Oh, what a Sweet Giveaway and would love to win and make these for my grandkids.
    Thank U 4 this opportunity

  39. Deb says

    AWESOME! Just found your blog/site and signed up immediately. I can't wait to try these for my grand-daughters (and for me too LOL). I never even new you could get these push-up containers. Thank you for a great idea and I look forward to your next ones!

  40. I'm a full-time mummy says

    Greetings from Malaysia!

    My oven just decided to die on us… if I win this, I'll be motivated to buy a new one and bake the cute cookie push pops! Let me win, let me win!

    My email: imafulltimemummy (at) gmail (dot) com

  41. Syd says

    There are so many possibilities for using these containers. What a fun way for a birthday party. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. The Whimsey Chronicles says

    Simply adorable! I like that in my mind it's just one big cookie…even though there are 5! I can't wait to make them, so thank you for the idea and recipe!!!

  43. Quiglet says

    very nice idea! I fancy making some of them for my birthday party :) no idea where to get the push pop containers from though!

  44. Patti Keil says

    These are just adorable and my grandchildren will LOVE them! Thanks for the opportunity with the give-away!

  45. Bren says

    Oh good lord, I was JUST this morning chatting with someone trying to come up with something cute and innovative and sweet for a favor for a woman's group meeting. VOILA! Answer? These…….

    Thank you SO much for your, in this case, DIVINE inspiration!

  46. Bren says

    Oh, IMHO FB needs to add a "Love" button, just for pages like yours. I "Liked" you on FB but really, it's just not a big enough word…..

  47. pamb says

    We called them pushups when I was a kid, and I still love them, whatever they're called, and whatever they contain!! Yours are adorable, and are a must for my granddaughter's next birthday party!! Thanks for sharing!

  48. Julie says

    What fun!! My kids would love these so much, so thanks for an awesome giveaway, and I really, really hope I win :)

  49. Moonlight Dancer says

    OMG those are the cutest thing. I just shared your page with my cousins wife who is just starting her own cupcake business, what a great idea. I would of course love to be in the giveaway! I just want your cookbook, but this is way more than anyone could ask for.

  50. Carolyn in VA says

    These would be so cool to make! Thanks for the opportunity to get the push pop containers and other fun stuff to follow your lead!


  51. Sarah-Jane - SiliconeMoulds.com says

    Never heard of push cakes /cookies – but they look cute.

    I love your wacky marshmallow ideas and have just bought a load of candy melts to have various cooking fun with my toddler.

  52. fyk says

    What a great idea! These would go perfectly with the rainbow themed party I've been planning for my niece! Thanks for sharing! :)

  53. The Baker Bunch says

    These are so cute, I've been seeing them on all kinds of sites! What a great idea for a giveaway!

  54. The Baker Bunch says

    And I already like you on facebook…wish they had a "Love" choice! HEHEHE! Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas, and for being so willing to share them! :o)

  55. theresasthisnthat says

    Hi, found you by Craft Gossip, & I just liked ur FB page too. Would love to win the giveaway, thinking they would be a great care package gift for my daughter's who going away to college this Fall. *Sniff* *Sniff*

  56. Rachel says

    Yes please, count me in :) I've never seen these little containers where I live, they're very cool. Also I love your photography, food photography is tricky to get right (for me!)

  57. One Busy Mama says

    Oh I so totally hope I get this! I just started my cookie blog would love to turn it into a full fledged business! YOu are inspiring!

  58. Sonya Addington says

    I love that there's even lids! I think you've started something pretty original!xzz

  59. Alexanders says

    What an amazing prize!! I have been wanting to buy some push pop containers. I also love all the bonus prizes you are throwing in….AMAZING!!

  60. Jane Jeffress Thomas says

    My grandchildren would so love it were I to win this giveaway. Really a cute idea.

    jane1 at cp-tel dot net

  61. Donna Huisinga says

    How creative. Love the idea and wouls love to make these. Thanks for a chance to win.

  62. Lucky's Luna says

    I love this idea, they are so cute! I really want to try it now! Thanks for sharing, great giveaway!

  63. Sarah says

    So, I'm up in the middle of the night b/c our house (my kitchen!) has been flooding in a storm. We've finally got it settled (hopefully), but since I'm wide awake, I checked out your blog just in case you're up, too! :) Please, pick me! These are WAY TOO CUTE!!!

  64. Sarah says

    I "liked" you on FB! I have done a lot of research on these push pops, and I can't wait to try out all of my ideas!! :)

  65. Karen Norris says

    What a way to start out the summer! Fun sweet treat and giveaway. Thanks for chance to win.

  66. Lisa (Berksgirl) says

    These are adorable and look like a lot of fun to make!
    berksgirl78 at gmail dot com

  67. Cassie says

    I love these! Tried to order them a few weeks ago with no success. Would love to play with them!

  68. tcapps96 says

    Love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing. It's great we can count on you for crafting inspiration!

  69. egbkid says

    I have never seen anything like this before, it looks neat! I would love to come up with an idea to use them, and the food colours to, the pastes are so hard to find around here without paying out the ears!

  70. Julie says

    I love the idea of push pop cookies. I am just starting to really get into cookie decorating and am having a blast!

  71. Maren says

    Wow, that's really a cool idea, and a cool giveaway!

    PS: my e-mail is christina (at) maren-zeiss (dot) com

  72. Randi says

    So cute! My grandkids would LOVE cookie push pops. I recently made basbeball cookies using your recipes and I love the way they turned out!

  73. Randi says

    So cute! My grandkids would LOVE cookie push pops. I recently made basbeball cookies using your recipes and I love the way they turned out!

  74. Daisy Ellen says

    I "liked" and commented on your FB page…I'm a fan!!! Looking forward to your updates!

  75. msubulldog says

    The push pop idea is so adorable and clever! What a fab giveaway. *And I like you on FB, too! :)

  76. Genell says

    Ok my 3 y/o & I are already fighting over these delicious looking yet sooo cute cookies!!!Push-pop cookies are a great idea!!

  77. Genell says

    I just 'Liked" you on fb & I really, really, REALLY would like to win the cookie push pops!!! 😉

  78. NutfreeMom says

    Love this idea!! I have following the new push pop cake craze and would love to try this out! I never even thought of cookies in there.

  79. Amantha says

    I am already a FB follower….your cookies are beautiful, i love seeing the new creations you come up with.

  80. nadège says

    Thank you for this giveaways ! I play because I dream to make push cake pops, or things like that…I cross fingers !!

  81. nadège says

    I play twice because of course I like you on facebook too !
    48 hours to reponse it is a little short ! I hope I don't forget to come the D-Day to see the results !

  82. Rachelle says

    Australia is yet to follow this latest trend, along with many others. I'm sure we'll get there in the end and would love to know where to buy these. Love your ideas and looking at the site. Very inspiring to try new ideas. Cheers

  83. Mónica, Marta, María says

    Simply lovely. We admire your work and your blog. Please, visit our blog. We've a present for you.

  84. KL says

    Wow what an AWESOME giveaway! I hope I win…I probably wouldn't have the guts to try it without this little starter kit 😉

  85. Christina @ Cookies are my Canvas says

    Oh, I've seen these around and would love to put some itty bitty cookies in them!! Thanks for the opportunity! Love your blog….you've been such an inspiration! *Ü*

  86. jmaassen says

    I love these push pop cookies and cakes! I can't wait to get me some and try them. Thanks for the idea. Please count me in for the giveaway!

  87. Katie H says

    Oh how I would love to win these! My students would love these for a year end party!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  88. pointyebt says

    I've only ever had pushpops once before, while I was on holiday in the US. I'd never seen them before, and I've never seen them here in the UK since then. 😀

    I would LOVE to win this. I've been trying for ages to get hold of some of the americolour gels (or any gel), and people either look at me like I've invented a product or tell me they can't ship to the UK when I find them online. It makes me sadface.

    Well I'm off to the facebook page to have another go 😀

  89. Bobo says

    I have been following your website, love your creavitity!

    Those push pops will be great for my boy's coming birthday party. :)

  90. Simply Lanie says

    This are absolutely adorable!! I loved push pops as a kid and so do my kids, they'd love this idea :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  91. Anilu F says

    yeeeei!!!!! Finally a giveaway I can participate of!!!!!

    you can make push pops out of anything with that, it's unbelievable!, they're awesome!, i hope i get lucky =), cause i sure can't find those here in Peru..

    I already 'like' u a lot, in FB and real life…

    keep posting please!!!!, you have amazing ideas =)

    Regards from Peru!!!

  92. SAB says

    I love this idea! I have also seen push pop cupcakes. Oh yea, Americolor rock too! I would love to score some more and make these for a kids party, they would be a hit! Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. Queen of the Unfinished Project says

    Oh, wow! What a cool idea. I had no clue that they even made such containers! I would love to try that… :)

  94. Badger says

    I have been searching for a cute treat for my daughters wedding shower. these are perfect. She LOVES my butter cookies. Oh thank you for the idea.


  95. Ann says

    I have been trying to track down somewhere that has the push-pops for a reasonable price for over a month and you're right, they are sold out until June! You are too sweet to even give just the push-pops away, but to throw in extras – you are the best!

  96. Anna-Lisa says

    I just saw these on the news this morning!!! Then you had more kinds on your blog, I love them!

  97. María says

    Me encanta tu blog y me encantan tus galletas!! aun me queda mucho por aprender, espero hacerlas algun dia igual de bien que tu!

  98. Amber Donahoe says

    I love, love, love this idea they are so cute! Would love to win this! I follow you on fb as well!

  99. Courtney - leopardlingo@yahoo.com says

    I love this! Such a great idea. Can't wait to use this at my next party. 😀

  100. Nicole M. says

    I'm thinking these would be awesome for end of the year teacher gifts! PICK ME, PLEASE! Thanks.
    nicole_melnick at yahoo dot com

  101. Jill says

    These are SOOOOO cute!! My sister is a 1st grade teacher and I would love to make them for her class for the end of the school year. Thanks for all the AMAZING IDEAS!!!!

  102. Mae Belle Creations and Musings says

    This is awesome!!! I hope these do become a next big thing because they look so good! :)

  103. E. says

    What a gorgeous cookie presentation! The push pop containers could lead to so many creative desserts. Yum!

  104. Renee says

    I mean, I really, really like you! I just popped over from One Pretty Thing and I love your work. The "sandwich" sandwich cookies?? How much fun is that? And cookies with candy floss?? Brilliant! My fav is the gingerbread house on a stick! The rainbow cookie pops are going to make me the Favorite Aunt For All Time at the next big family dinner!

  105. Anonymous says

    So fun and cute!! I'd love to win so I could whip up some push pop cookies too :)

  106. mimokage says

    What a great idea for a fun and unique treat! These containers are so cute (heart the lids!). I'd love to try my hand at creating these innovative desserts!

  107. Annette says

    Those are so cute! I just started using americolor and love it! I would love to increase my collection!

  108. Emmy Armstrong says

    Wow! Such a good idea! I've never seen these before seeing them on your blog!! I'm kinda pumped to see if I can find these somewhere! I love to give stuff away to my neighbors and friends….good job on the site!!

  109. bridge72 says

    Wow! What a super cool giveaway! I would love to win:-) Cookies and /or cupcakes inside a push-pop container…BRILLIANT! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  110. Meghan says

    Commenting for the second time since I already like you on FB (and am following you on Pinterest as well) :)

  111. butterfly wishes wonderland dreams says

    love this idea I starred it in my google reader to use as party favors for my oldest girls bday party in august!

  112. Stephanie says

    What a generous give away…but more importantly…what an adorably amazing blog! LOVE the cookie push pops idea!!

  113. AudioAddiction says

    I am in LOVE with the "push-up" idea. I love to bake and can feel the ideas flowing for new ways to use those adorable containers! Thanks so much! Loveeee your site! Hope I win! :)

  114. Penelope says

    I'm also following you on Facebook – which I thought I already was, but just realised that I may have accidentally signed my husband up as a follower instead, since we share a computer and forget to log out…does that give him a chance to win too? LOL

  115. Hi, I'm Amy! says

    Super original Idea… Ive seen ice cream and Ive seen cake in them but not cookies. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    These would be great for my kids birthdays this month.

  116. CookieGirl says

    OH MY! Sooo cute! I am new to blogs-not a young lady, but I am a cookie girl-and am so impressed with all the creativity and sharing. How nice you are and how talented! These push pop cookies are just too cute and darling, and I would love to be a winner!!!

  117. bethannhoffman says

    These push pops are so neat! Love the idea – I will be using these sometime when they are available to order again. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  118. cory.sheri says

    I LOVE these! I saw them with mini cupcakes, but I LOVE the idea of cookies even more! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  119. NatJerWin says

    So cute and awesome idea! I love all the bright colors! I'm so happy that you are having a giveaway for these!

  120. tabbie389 says

    Those are amazing! I didn't know they made those to buy! They bring memories of eating the push up ice cream as a child.. I have so many ideas running through my head.. Possibilities are endless.. Thanks for the giveaway!

  121. peps- says

    I love that idea and will think of something really cute to put in those containers. That is one awesome giveaway, sure hope I win. My daughter can't wait to give one to all or her teachers. Thanks for sharing!

  122. April says

    Wow, love your ideas. This is my first time looking at your site. Can't wait to read all your post, I'm so excited. I haven't seen anyone here in Hawaii with the push pops. I hope to be the first.. Aloha

  123. ICED says

    Wow, what a great blog, I love these cookie pops, I am deffinately going to try to find some of these containers, thanks for sharing and for your inspiration xxx

  124. Madeline says

    What a magical creation! What more could one ask for than a hybrid cookie dispenser with the ease of a push up pop? Big like on Facebook :)

  125. Kathi says

    Would love to win this as since you showed them,(push Pops)I have wanted to try them. Thanks for the give away.

  126. Tara Dwyer says

    This is my comment for my entry. These are adorable. Can’t wait to use them as party favors for a b-day party!

  127. Tammie says

    Love, Love, Love these push pop. There are so many great ideas out there for them. I love your marshmallow idea! Great idea!!!!

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