Christmas petit fours, straight from the pages of Sugarlicious

As promised on Saturday, a peek inside Sugarlicious with a Christmas idea from the book. It’s starting to get real, seeing it all put together like this. Yikes, if I get butterflies opening a pdf, imagine how I’ll be opening that first box when I get the book!

For a glimpse inside the book, 
CLICK HERE for the pdf of Christmas Petits Fours
straight from the pages of Sugarlicious

Given the clock is now counting down rapidly to the big day, these are a great last-minute treat. You can use store-bought frozen pound cake cut into circles, or use Oreo Cakesters, like I did HERE many moons ago, when I first came up with the idea. Wrap the petits fours with fondant, then use my royal icing recipe to decorate.

Enjoy!  (Click to enlarge, or click HERE to view pdf.)

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  1. Paula says

    I can only imagine how excited you will be when those boxes of your new book arrives!!! I love how your pages are laid out with referencing back to the pages (recipes), shortcuts, techniques and supplies. It's so easy and so pretty.

    Your petit fours are adorable.

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