Harlequin romance novel cupcakes

On this Valentine’s eve, I thought I’d take just a moment to pay homage to the great people I like to call… my publishers. Because as I’ve mentioned before, getting a book deal is really, really hard. You need just that one group of people who will your way and like you and like what you do.  And then be willing to take a chance on you. Sheesh, it’s kind of like a relationship. It is a relationship.


Who are these great people of whom I speak? They are Harlequin. Yes, famed for their romance novels. But alas, I assured my husband he wouldn’t have to pose for the cover, for they have a non-fiction department, too. But I know you know them for romance and desire and other such timely sentiments.

But my book is very much Harlequin‘s book, too. They’ve poured months and months into every agonizing detail of the book from the cover to the page inside to getting it in stores to spreading the word. I’m exhausted thinking of how much work they put into Sugarlicious.  So this sugar is for them.

I made cut out fondant rectangles and wrapped them in more fondant. Then I drew some of their titles on the covers with my handy dandy edible writers. Propped them on top of cupcakes and you have romance novel cupcakes.


Thank you, Harlequin!!



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  1. says

    I have been waiting all day to comment – I was so busy at work today (which sucks for my blog reading btw….) THESE are hilarious! I LOVE fondant books (aheeem – Sugar Sugarlicious) Look at how clever you are – I like the size of your books, I tend to make mine GIGANTIC but yours are proportional. There is something magical about good proportions, just ask a Victoria Secret model.

  2. meaghanmountford says

    Trisha, YOURS are what inspired me!! Well, I had this in my head, but then I saw yours and it was confirmed. Just wish I had an edible printer. Luckily, I know lots of Vic. Sec. models, so I’ll ask them, cuz I don’t know about such things as “good” proportions. And kaholly, yes. Yes, I did laugh out loud at that, so shame on both of us :) !

  3. Jana DeLeon says

    Another writer posted this on a loop. I LOVE the cupcakes. You have many talents.

    Congrats on your sale and welcome to Harlequin. I hope to see you on the author’s loop. :)

  4. Emily McKay says

    Those may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!
    Btw, I too am a Harlequin author, but of the romance novel variety. And I love these cupcakes!!! I don’t suppose you’d make them to order??

    • meaghanmountford says

      Ooh, another Harlequin author! Yay! So glad you stopped by to visit! Alas, everything I make is for my blog and photos and things and I don’t actually have a shop or sell anything (I’m in DC where home-based food bizes are no-nos.)

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