we go together like… marshmallows and lollipop sticks


I think if I actually did celebrate Valentine’s Day in real life, this would be my speed. I’d have to throw some sort of joke in after the “we go together like…” sentiment. Sheesh, my husband sure is one lucky man.

Oh yeah, by the way… for way more than you wanted to know about food coloring pens, edible writers, whatever you want to call them, and how to draw on marshmallows, click HERE.

Some more pairs:

needle and thread

leg warmers and aerobics

peanut butter and jelly

tissues and sleeves

salt and pepper

guitar and pick

Eiffel Tower and Fifi

birds and bees

coffee and donuts

pig tails and ink

puddles and boots

geeks and Star Trek

typewriters and White-Out

Mikey and Life

white wine and motherhood

Mr. Rogers and sweaters


Can you think of any more?









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    • meaghanmountford says

      Thanks! Brenda, the sticks are paper straws. I found them in a cute shop here in DC, but the layercakeshop.com has tons of them in all different colors!

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