Wizard of Oz marshmallows


You know what I haven’t done in awhile? Marshmallow art. Good old fashioned marshmallow art. “Old fashioned,” because I started this marshmallow art thing, here, and here, a whole four-plus years ago, which in blogspeak means it is now “old fashioned.”


I’ve long been a fan of the magic that is the Wizard of Oz. Both the original by Baum and the classic movie, though these marshmallows are closer to the movie. I was impressed (and somewhat surprised, what with the flying monkeys and all) that it was my daughter’s favorite movie when she was 2. That’s two years old. I don’t even know how or why we turned it on in the first place, what with the flying monkeys and all.


So here’s a little tribute to one of my favorites via the marshmallow. Speaking of tributes to favorites, remember these Harry Potter marshmallows?


I used my handy, dandy edible writers for these, except I cheated on the tin man, because they don’t make a gray writer. I used food coloring. And for the sparkle on the ruby slippers, I used a little paint brush to paint on corn syrup, then added red sprinkles.

For how-tos on drawing with edible writers and links to resources, click HERE.






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