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Tag Archives: jewelry

Just for Kix: Healthy edible jewelry

Taking your edible jewelry craft up a notch, these are so much better than candy. My daughter wore a few to her Girl Scouts meeting and came home with the empty strings on her wrist. Make cereal bracelets HERE at Kix.   Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog’s photographs and text are protected […]

conversation heart jewelry for Celebrations

Once again, I’d love to share with all of you what I made for Celebrations this month. While the conversation hearts make these at least sweets-related, the hot glue gun is not an oft-used tool for this cookie and marshmallow decorator. It’s been years since I pulled that out of hiding. First, I made some… […]

kid friendly crafts: cupcake toppers and candy necklaces

As guest blogger for kids craft week at, here are the two projects I came up with: candy pendants and cupcake toppers. Though meant for kids, the cupcake toppers were especially easy and would translate well to any grownup party. You can use any color card stock and any theme sticker. The candy pendants […]