easy fondant bugs

These bugs are super easy to create and would make great toppers for cookies, cupcakes or cakes. (See the end of this post for notes on supplies and some tips for working with fondant. Click on any picture to enlarge.)

to make a worm you will need:

white rolled fondant
electric green food coloring

small confetti sprinkles

black gourmet writer

1. Prepare lime green fondant (See tips on preparing fondant at the end of this post.)

2. Roll pea-sized pieces of green fondant into balls and squish gently together, larger in the front, trailing to smaller sized pieces.

3. Adhere two small, white pieces of confetti sprinkles to the ball in the front. If needed, wet your finger and dab on the back of the confetti.

4. Draw eyes with the black gourmet writer.

to make a ladybug you will need:

white rolled fondant
red food coloring
black food coloring

black gourmet writer

1. Prepare red and black fondant (see end of this post for tips on working with fondant).

2. Roll a red ball and flatten underside.

3. Roll a smaller black ball and press on the front of the red ball.

4. Draw dots with your black gourmet writer.

to make a bumblebee you will need:

white rolled fondant
yellow food coloring

black food coloring
black gourmet writer

jumbo confetti sprinkles

wax paper
rolling pin

sharp knife

1. Prepare yellow and black fondant (see the end of this post for details).

2. Roll a yellow ball. Well, more of an ovoid shape. Flatten the front a bit and pinch the other end into a bit of a point.

3. Roll black fondant thinly between two pieces of wax paper. Let set about 10 minutes. Cut thin strips with a sharp knife and wrap around yellow body. Press gently to adhere.

4. With marker, draw eyes. Insert 2 light yellow confetti sprinkles for wings.

NOTES: Find the rolled fondant and the confetti sprinkles (Wilton brand) in any major craft store. You can also find food coloring and edible pens in the craft store, though I use Americolor soft gel pastes and gourmet writers, which are a tad harder to find.

TIPS: To tint fondant, knead a drop of food coloring very well into a palm full of fondant. Add drops until you reach desired color. Be warned! This can stain your hands, especially the black, so if you’re a hand model, don’t make these the morning of the shoot. If the fondant gets too sticky to work with, just let it sit out at room temperature uncovered for about 15 minutes. You want the fondant to stay pliable so you can squish pieces together and they adhere to each other, but not so mushy it is sticky and clings to your fingers. The minute the fondant starts to annoy you, let it sit out a bit.

Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog's photographs and text are protected by copyright, I do allow (and encourage) you to share ONE photograph with credit to "the decorated cookie" and link to this blog post. PLEASE don't reprint any part of the blog post and PLEASE don't post a photo without credit. Thank you!


  1. James ~n~ Amber says

    I love bugs !!! Fondant bugs that is. I've only ever made some ladybugs, but I've been needing a reason to make the little catterpillars. So cute !

  2. jami says

    Super cute! Any tips for making a fondant bi-plane? I am trying to figure out how to make the top wing stand up (3D) but not fall over or crush the rest of the plane. Thanks!

  3. Chic Cookies says

    Thanks all! Jami–I'm pretty new to fondant. Are your trying to make a big biplane? (Like to fit on a cake?) I've never worked with it, but I've also heard gum paste is often better for such things, as it dries harder. Fondant will stiffen, but not as much. Are you also using supports between the wings? Like fondant (or gum paste) rolled into a bar shape? I think bi-planes have those anyway. Very ambitious task!

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  5. Katie K. says

    WOW. Do make your own fondant? I really need to start using it however satin ice isn't available to me and wilton tastes horrible in my opinion! These are adorable!

  6. Chic Cookies says

    Thanks! Katie K.–Making my own fondant is on my to-do list, but I haven't done it yet. I heard marshmallow fondant is a good alternative, so when I get my kitchen back (mid renovations) I'll try it out and post on it. I use fondant so sparingly because I agree about the taste. Blech.

  7. Anonymous says

    SOOOOO cute! I have a wee one who wants a bug cake this year and love these ideas, thanks! How long in advance can you make the bugs? (I've never used fondant before, but want to try it) thanks!!

  8. Chic Cookies says

    Thanks Anonymous! I usually make the fondant toppers the day before and leave them out at room temp to stiffen. You can make them up to a few days ahead, though the longer they sit out, the harder they get (fondant isn't super tasty anyway, so I usually don't even eat it. Just pick it off the cookie or cake and eat the good stuff). You can also put them in a tupperware a few days out so they don't dry super hard.

  9. Anonymous says

    Thanks very much for the tips and advice! Can't wait to mske these and see them on his cake…thanks again for sharing!!

  10. The Sweet Fairy Cake says

    Oh my gosh! These are so adorable!! Cute!! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I was looking to make a bee! And by the way I loved your site! Congratulations!!! 😀

  11. ediblecrafts says

    MMF meaning marshmallow fondant? Yes. Definitely. I didn't add gum tex. They are low enough and small enough that the fondant holds just fine.

  12. Adi says

    Wow, THANK YOU! My little girl is in the ladybirds class at school, and Friday she has to bring cupcakes. I'm going to make the pretties ones ever thanks to you :) .

  13. the decorated cookie says

    Hope they go well, Adi! My daughter's been a buttercup, poppy and an elephant so far, but no lady bugs yet.

  14. Elsi says

    I love them!!! Is there anything else I could use to make the wings? From what I read, fondant wings would likely fold over? Thank you so much!

    • meaghanmountford says

      Hi Elsi,
      For the bees shown, I used jumbo confetti sprinkles for the wings, not fondant. SO much easier to jam those in there!

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