stars and stripes cookie bites

These bite size cookies are super simple to make using store-bought candy and sprinkles. Though cutting up the licorice was a bit time consuming, so I probably would’ve been better making larger cookies (as in, fewer cookies to decorate and more bang for the buck). Alas, oh well.

A quick word about decorating: For the stars cookies, I only let the icing set about ten minutes before adding sprinkles so they would stick. However, for the stripes, I let the icing set well, several hours, before adding stripes. Just a warning so you can plan your time!

how to make stars and stripes mini cookies

you will need:

circle cookie cutter
frosting color (blue and white)
disposable frosting bags
2 couplers
2 size “3” decorating tips
rubber bands

pearl sprinkles
red licorice lace
light corn syrup

*You can use any size circle; mine was about 1 1/2 inches. Find most of the supplies in the craft store, though for coloring, I choose Americolor soft gel pastes (Royal Blue and Bright White here). I used the Wilton Pearlized Sprinkles from the craft store. If you can’t find licorice lace, the Twizzlers Pull and Peel are widely available. For tips on finding supplies, CLICK HERE and HERE for coloring.

step one: bake your cookies
Bake circle cookies according to recipe. Let cool.

step two: flood your cookies
Prepare white and blue frosting. Prepare two frosting bags with couplers and size “3” tips. Fill one with half of the white frosting and one with half the blue frosting. Tie closed with a rubber band. Cover reserved frosting. Pipe outlines on the circles (white for the stripes cookies and blue for the stars). Let set about 20 minutes. Thin reserved frosting with water, a few drops at a time, until the consistency of thick glue. Don’t make it so thin it’s runny, it should be a bit viscous. With a small spoon, a squeeze bottle or an empty frosting bag with 1/8 inch snipped from the corner, spoon or loosely pipe frosting in the center of the cookie. Let frosting spread to piped border, encouraging as needed with the back of a spoon or a butter knife.step three: decorate your cookies.
For the stars cookies, let the flooded icing set for about ten minutes. Then drop pearl sprinkles spaced on top of the cookies.
For the stripes cookies, let set well, several hours, before decorating. Cut licorice lace strips to use as stripes and adhere to cookie with light corn syrup (run along side with finger). To speed the cutting, you can line up a few rows of licorice on the counter and use the circle cookie cutter to cut pieces.

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  1. Sue Sparks says

    Meaghan, You're always full of good ideas! These little bites are so cute, plus I love all of your new features!

  2. Alison says

    OMG! I opened your post today and just about had a heart attack! I wsa like SOMEONE POSTED THE SAME COOKIES I WAS ABOUT TO POST THIS AFTERNOON! DANGIT!! But then I looked again. They aren't the same. But the idea to put the stars and stripes on little rounds is the same. haha!! I SWEAR I didn't copy! I made them last night before I saw your post! PROMISE! :) Yours are cuter anyway (of course) :) LOVE EM! :)

  3. Kudos Kitchen says

    Meaghan, I am a giant fan of yours and your talents. Can't wait until your next work of art is shown. I'll be waiting!

  4. TidyMom says

    These are DARLING!! I always LOVE your posts Meaghan! and I was SOOO excited to see you link up to my party!!!

    Have a FANTASTIC and safe 4th!!

  5. bridget {bake at 350} says

    Well, they are just perfect, as usual! and how brilliant is that to use the cookie cutter to cut the licorice! I would have had out me ruler and scissors. You're so smart!

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