bite-size Superhero cookies

Super crazy quick post today, I’m afraid, because I’m knee deep in planning lots of Sugarlicious events! It’s going to be a fun month, that February. But anyway… on to Superheroes:

Even though I pretty much always feel like I’m 13 (in that awkward middle school kind of way), I’m definitely well into grown-up territory where gift-giving becomes difficult. Everyone already has everything they need and if they don’t, they tend to buy it themselves. So each year for my brother’s birthday, I send him cookies. I think it works out well for both of us.

And it isn’t too difficult to pick a theme. Superheroes and Star Wars tend to reign supreme. I’m sure his interests are much more developed and varied, but I don’t know what heroes rule the cartoons in the year 2012 and I don’t know what modern movie rivals Star Wars (really, can anything?), though my brother surely does. So I play it safe and stick with the more long-standing passions.

I’m always a fan of bite-size cookies. Something about the cute factor? Or portion control? These shown are only about two inches. And just in case you’re not up on your Superheroes, these are supposed to be Batman, Superman, SpiderMan, Wonder Woman (for my nieces) and Captain America. I remember my brother once saying that SpiderMan was his favorite Superhero, of course, because “he’s the most realistic.” Aah, brothers.

PS. Mom, if you’re reading this, the cookies are en route, so don’t mention Superhero cookies are on my blog until they arrive on Monday!

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  1. Paula says

    Aww! Happy Birthday to your brother. The decorating of these cookies, being only 2" must have been painstaking but they sure turned out wonderfully.

    I'm sure you and your entire family are getting so excited for the release of Sugarlicious!

  2. Trish - Sweetology101 says

    I fancy myself wonderwoman….I like her outfit. When I was like 9 or 10 I got wonderwoman undershirt and underwear for Christmas. I thought I was a badass….little did I know I was NOT.

  3. the decorated cookie says

    Amazing how so many houses are filled with Superheroes admirers! Trish–I always, always, always wanted wonder woman underoos when I was a kid and, sigh, I never got them. So deprived!

  4. Rgutro says

    These are Great! I'm 49 and a big superhero fan. Where I can get some? From reading about your cookies, I'm anxious to try them out. Rob

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