essential tools for baking and decorating: my roundup for Houzz

Since my latest roundup over at Houzz is relevant to all of you interested in baking and decorating sweets, I had to share here, too. Of course you could also make sure to own Sugarlicious which has an even more comprehensive list of all the tools you’ll need, as well as a way longer Resources list, hint hint. But I digress.  Over at Houzz I’ve collected a bunch of the tools I use most frequently when baking and decorating cookies, cupcakes, marshmallows, cake pops and other sweet treats. I’ve already covered supplies and where to get them HERE, but this expands on that first list. Scroll past the roundup for more information.


For links to the resources in the roundup pictured below,

click HERE to visit  Houzz.






the shopping list:

a set of round cookie cutters

dough scraper

rolling pin

shaped cookie cutters

lollipop sticks

cupcake liners

good baking and cupcake trays


meringue powder

parchment paper


disposable decorating bags


decorating tips

Americolor Soft Gel Paste food coloring

food decorator pens

paint brushes


edible icing sheets

sanding sugar and sprinkles

candy melts




craft stores

Stores such as A.C. Moore, Michaels and Hobby Lobby carry many of the items you need, such as


cake decorating supply stores

Search google to see if you have any of these stores locally. They carry everything your craft store doesn’t, most likely. In the DC area, you have Fran’s Cake and Candy Supply out in Fairfax, VA and Little Bitts Shop in Wheaton, MD.


specialty chain stores

One of my favorite shops is Sur la Table. They carry fondant, tips, cookie cutters bakeware, cupcake liners, meringue powder and other decorating supplies.



Everything you need is online. Everything. Amazon carries a lot of products, such as the  Some of my other go-tos for supplies are



NY Cake

Country Kitchen Sweet Art

Kitchen Krafts

Candyland Crafts


Layer Cake Shop

for cookie cutters

Many of the above resources also carry cookie cutters, but be sure to check out this post on cookie cutter collections for a more complete list.







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  1. Kathy Feeler says

    You are an amazingly generous person! I have severe arthritis of the hip and am awaiting surgery. As a result, I’ve not been able to work and, getting bored, decided I needed a hobby. Don’t know why, but I settled on cookie baking. I don’t know the first thing about decorating (have never even made sugar cookies!), so did a search and found your blog. What a wonderful resource, and perfect for a beginner like me. I’ve been on your site every day for the past week, and am going to buy your book today. Thank you so much for sharing everything you know!

    • meaghanmountford says

      Thank you so much Kathy!!! What an encouraging comment to read :). All the best for your surgery! Beleeeeeeeve me, I understand fully how THAT goes!

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