marshmallow playing cards and memory game


Have you seen these new s’mores-friendly rectangle marshmallows in the supermarket? My mind raced with possibilities.  Games popped in first. Even though I don’t like the Memory game. (But I play a mean game of Gin. And Free Cell.)



I’ve never, ever been good at the Memory game. Ever. Oh, I remember what I overturn and what everyone else overturns, I just never remember where it was overturned. And I don’t like reminders of those things for which I have no talent. I’m funny that way. Luckily, I had no need to play this game through much of my adult life. Until I had a kid. A kid with an amazing memory. A kid who beats me at Memory. (In my defense, she’s only 4 3/4. It’s easier to remember 4 3/4 years of stuff than 39, I mean, 25, yeah, 25, years of stuff. My brain is a cluttered mess of knowledge and information from years of rigorous academic study; hers still has a few tumbleweeds rolling around and crickets chirping, so more room to recall where that other apple or unicorn card is sitting.)



I couldn’t even remember where I put the marshmallow pairs for the photos. I had to overturn almost all of them to find each match.  How is your memory?






But despite my aversion, somehow my first thought when I saw these marshmallows was “playing cards.” Which led to “Memory.” So there you have it. I should use these to practice while my daughter is at school so I can crush her in the next game of Memory.  I should also practice that tricky Hello Kitty puzzle and assembling that non-intuitive Barbie tent.


I see eating each card with a piece of chocolate as you make a match. Or maybe saving these for s’mores… I wonder if Dominos would work.


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  1. says

    I used to see this style marshie more often, I will have to keep a look out, Sophia would like this for sure! Great Idea..I see this a fun idea to do on a playdate..the kiddos can make their memory game and play with each other. Love it.

    • meaghanmountford says

      I remember Concentration! Flashback to childhood (yeah, I wasn’t so hot at that.) Maria, I found rectangle marshmallows in the supermarket, I’m guessing a special for summer, “s’mores” marshmallows. I’m afraid if you cut them in half the sticky part would be too sticky to draw on. Hmm, maybe if you flatten a bit with a rolling pin? I may do some experimenting.

  2. says

    This is one of the cutest ideas ever! I USED to be good at Concentration (the memory game). The last time I visited TX my 4 year old granddaughter would beat me each time, and I was trying to win! There were about 25 pairs. I did improve by the end of my visit:)

  3. says

    So cute! Ever since I saw those flat marshmallows my brains been on overdrive thinking of how to use them too.

    Love this idea- can’t wait to play a matching game with my nephew. Great idea!!

  4. says

    Ooo flat marshmallows. I hope they come to this side of the pond and soon! I always love your marshmallow designs, so pretty and creative.

    I too hate the memory game, I’ve never been good at it either. I remember not remembering (lol) where they were and getting frustrated, and scarred for life by it!

  5. says

    Wow, it’s like we’re twins…I have a 4 year old daughter, I’m “25”, and I am terrible at Memory! Go figure! I’m going to keep an eye out for the rectangle marshmallows, too, so I can make these for the girl. She will LOVE them! Especially if I make a unicorn.;-)

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