15 sweet treats for summer, from the archives


The heat is here. Now you’ll hear me complain about the heat until the first crisp day of Fall. But this year, instead of mooching off of friends, I actually splurged on pool passes for myself, Maeve and Violet. I even bought a baby swim thing that essentially amounts to 15 feet of mesh material I’m supposed to know how to wrap around me to hold Violet so I can handle two kids in the pool. I don’t know how 15 feet of mesh is supposed to be comfortable in 95 degree weather, but the lady on the package looks happy.

As Memorial Day approaches, I’ve rounded up some Summer treats from my archives. You can find everything for this time of year up there in the Seasonal button, too. And if you need more Memorial Day ideas, check out this roundup of 22 food and party ideas over at my other blog.



Summer classics as cookies:


watermelon cookies, lemonade cookies, popsicle cookies, cookie ice cream cones.



Frozen stuff:


frozen yogurt pops, ice cream sandwich pops.





S’mores on a stick, s’mores pops, self-reflective s’mores.



Beach creatures:


Starfish cookies, crab and fish cupcake toppers, turtle cookies.



Get outside:


Baseball cookie pops, camping cookies, mini tennis cookies.

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    Great collection! Once you figure out the 15 feet of mesh, you’re going to love it! But first you’re probably going to want to take it to the back yard and set fire to it.

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