Flashback Friday: A new twist on an old favorite, ice box cake “cupcakes”


First, let’s travel back in time, to an age when ice box cake was cake. (I just started watching Doctor Who, hence the dramatic opening.) Or, actually, ice box cake was cookies that turned into cake through the magic of refrigeration. Ice box cake. My absolute, all-time, favoritest dessert ever. Yes, well over decorated cookies. My mom makes this for every holiday she hosts, and pretty much every time I come home. See?

ice box cake

I first wrote all about ice box cake HERE. And you can find the how-tos to make it HERE, too.


I thought for this Flashback Friday I’d do something a little different. I would add an updated version of the classic. Naturally, I first thought of mason jars, because I love mason jars. Then a google search later and I realized that I was far from the first to think of that one. So instead, I pulled out some of my jillions of cupcake wrappers and used those as the container.

Here’s an easy way to make individual servings of ice box cake, or, “cupcakes” if you will. You have to make these. They are so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so freakin’ delicious.




how to make ice box cake cupcakes

you will need:*

Nabisco’s Famous Chocolate Wafers

one pint heavy whipping cream

one teaspoon vanilla extract

couple spoonfuls of sugar

cupcake liners

disposable decorating bag

baking tray


*Find the wafers in the cookie or baking aisle of the supermarket. If your store doesn’t carry them, beg them to. Find the cupcake liners and decorating bag in the craft store.


what to do: Line a baking tray with cupcake liners. Each “cupcake” should have three or four liners together for extra stability. Whip the cream using a hand or standing mixer until stiff peaks form. Blend in vanilla and some sugar (to taste). Fold the decorating bag over and gently spoon in some of the whipped cream. Unfold, twist to close and snip off 1-inch from the tip. Break a wafer in three pieces to fit in the bottom of a cupcake liner. Pipe a dollop of whipped cream on top, then top with another, whole wafer. Gently press the wafer down. Pipe another dollop of whipped cream, and place another wafer on top, gently pressing down. Top with a dollop of whipped cream. When all the cupcakes are done, place the tray in the refrigerator for at least six hours. Serve. Makes about 16 “cupcakes.”




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  1. says

    My store does not carry the wafers and I weep about it every time I’m in there. Not to the employees or anything. Just quietly, to myself. I’ll start being louder about it.

  2. Elizabeth says

    Oh man…you are evil to tempt me to make these LOL. I also grew up with the ice box cake. When I am in the cookie aisle, my eyes can’t help but slide up to where the Famous Wafers reside on the top shelf, taunting me- “Buy me Elizabeth, buy me”.
    So OK, vacation is coming up and that means happy food 24/7.
    Cookie aisle, here I come.
    Kary- your wafer deprivation is killing me- I will personally mail you some if you like :)

    • meaghanmountford says

      Elizabeth, I think it would be a great service if we mailed these to those deficient in chocolate wafers!! Sometimes my supermarket doesn’t have them and I wander the aisles aimlessly, hoping they will appear.

  3. Elizabeth says

    OK Karly an all those wafer-deficient- this will be our community service project.

    Would it be heresy if I made these with stabilized whipped cream?

    Shall I try it and report back?

  4. says

    I have never had icebox cake and think about making it frequently. I’m goin’ for your cupcakes first!

    My grocery store sometimes hides the chocolate wafer cookies by the ice cream cones … those sneaky devils 😉

  5. says

    I have wanted to try making my own ice box cake ever since you mentioned them several months back.(I had to google it as I had never actually had an ice box cake)I love that you made these into cute little cupcakes!

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