how to make superstar cookies for the teacher

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It’s teacher appreciation week! Have you thanked a teacher yet? The teachers and staff at my daughter’s school are true superstars. The school is only in it’s third year, but they leap over every hurdle as it’s thrown in front of them and they never lose sight of their goal: Teaching our kids. My first-grader goes to a public charter school here in Washington DC, at the Inspired Teaching School. You can read about the crazy lottery system for public school we DC parents are all too familiar with HERE, when my daughter started pre-K in the school’s founding year. And you can see her napping on her very first day of school those years ago HERE in the Washington Post. That picture still chokes me up. It also amazes me. How did they get her to NAP? Here she is now in first grade (taken by a fellow parent):




This milk dribbler desperately wants to be in school (or is that what I want for her?), but she has a couple years to go:



Last year I made pencil cookies with cute labels and all. And I included a free printable. This year, I had significantly less time–due to the fact that I co-hosted the Spring fest on Saturday for the entire school, thus my excuse is a good one–so I relied on my easiest, go-to cookie decorating method: Sprinkles. Anyone can decorate these. Anyone. First time picking up a bag of icing? You can make these. Afraid of a pinterest fail? You can make these.


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how to make sparkly superstar cookies for teacher

 you will need:*

cookie dough
royal icing
star cookie cutter (about 2-inches, or any size)
food coloring
disposable decorating bags
size “4” or  “5″ decorating tips
rubber bands

*Find the decorating bags, couplers, tips and sprinkles in the craft store. For information on food coloring, click HERE. (Electric Pink, Orange, Egg Yellow, Electric Green and Sky Blue Americolor Soft Gel Paste used here.) For information on finding supplies, click HERE. For basic cookie decorating instructions, click HERE.

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bake your cookies. Prepare cookie dough according to the recipe, chill, and roll out. Cut out stars.  Bake and let cool completely.

prepare your icing. Prepare royal icing according to the recipe, divide and tint your preferred colors. Prepare a decorating bag with coupler and tip for each color, fill with the icing and close tightly with rubber bands.

decorate your cookies. Pipe the star outline on a cookie and then pipe back and forth to completely fill the cookie with icing. Immediately coat the cookie with sprinkles and overturn to remove excess. (Because the sprinkles cover the lines and imperfections, I’m only using one consistency of icing here, there is no need to thin the icing and flood.) Don’t just sprinkle a few on there. COAT that thing with sprinkles. Let the cookies dry overnight before packaging.

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