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Tag Archives: conversation hearts

Heart-Shaped Vanilla Chex Treats for Tablespoon

So it turns out that 1. Vanilla Chex is freaking good. 2. Chex makes awesome cereal treats because it stays crispy. Who knew? And they take minutes to make, so these are perfect for a last minute Valentine’s Day treat. Find the recipe for heart-shaped Vanilla Chex treats HERE. Feel free to share (nicely)! While […]

Valentine’s Day from the archives

I have much to love this Valentine’s Day… not just my husband, five-year old daughter and three kitties, but a new baby girl. And my Roku box. Also, Pinot Grigio. Now, mind you, it’s not all lovey dovey cheesy in our house where Valentine’s Day is concerned. I reserve that mostly for the blog. My […]

crushed conversation heart cookie pops for the TomKat Studio

I realize these crushed conversation heart cookie pops merely emphasize my penchant for smashing hearts, and it continues the conversation heart overload I’ve been experiencing (here and here). But the colors in a box of conversation hearts are just so pretty, don’t you agree? And look, I kept one heart whole on each cookie, for […]

conversation heart crafts for Celebrations

And to complete the conversation heart ensemble I made for Celebrations, here are some candy crafts for decorating. I made a… conversation heart mini wreath for the full post with how-tos click HERE to go to Celebrations And… conversation heart wall decor for the full post with how-tos click HERE to go to Celebrations Feel […]

conversation heart jewelry for Celebrations

Once again, I’d love to share with all of you what I made for Celebrations this month. While the conversation hearts make these at least sweets-related, the hot glue gun is not an oft-used tool for this cookie and marshmallow decorator. It’s been years since I pulled that out of hiding. First, I made some… […]