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Tag Archives: lamb

a sweet peek at Sugarlicious: Little Lamb Cake Balls

  Straight from the pages of Sugarlicious…. here’s an example of what you’ll find inside. These little lamb cake balls are easy to make. Each craft idea has a list of the recipes, supplies and techniques you need, all included in the book, where you’ll find the recipes for cake and frosting to make cake […]

new feature: how to draw on food (and some easter animal models)

These little marshmallow fellows for Easter are helping me introduce a new feature on the decorated cookie: how to draw on food. The concept certainly isn’t new to this blog, but they will be handily contained in that link over there that looks like this: What do I mean by “draw on food”? I mean […]

little lamb cookies. that stand. by themselves.

In like a lion, out like a lamb. Spring. Easter. I figure this mini sheep would be useful this time of year. I’ve been wanting to play around with 3-D cookies, too, so here’s my first attempt. how to make standing little lamb cookies you will need: chocolate dough icing sheep cookie cutter white food […]