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Tag Archives: trees

how to make mini candy Christmas trees

You know how a few days before Christmas you remember you need to make all your cookies to give away? And you look for something easy to make to pad the Christmas tins? Yeah, that’s what these are. Something easy to make to pad the Christmas tins.     Need any fillers, too? Here ya’ […]

Guest Post!! Glory of Glorious Treats brings you Rice Krispies Treats Christmas Trees

So this is about it for me in the immediate future… on Monday I go in for surgery to have my second daughter. The surgery is a bit more complicated than a standard C-Section (it involves things like other surgeons and main ORs), so I’ll be down for the count for quite awhile. Luckily, the […]

Christmas! a cookie pop Christmas tree forest for Celebrations

And finally, my last Christmas treat idea for Celebrations that you quite possibly have already seen seeing as how it’s been posted for weeks… a bunch of triangles transformed into a Christmas tree forest. So easy peasy. For the full post with how-tos click HERE to go to Celebrations. Feel free to share (nicely)! While […]

mod apple tree cookie pops (at celebrations)

I may have mentioned, I can’t be sure, that I started contributing posts over at Celebrations. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m abandoning all of you. Not in the slightest. I can post everywhere. Here, there, over there. It just means I’ll be more tired. But that’s where coffee comes in. Back to cookies… Here’s one […]

the leaves are a’fallin… from little tree cookies

It’s still too hot for my taste here in DC, but the leaves are at least starting to fall to the ground. One good sign a chill might be ahead. I hope. Appropriately, as I stood these cookies up to photograph just one or two little leaf sprinkles fell silently to the table. Guess you […]