marshmallow ghosts. and a mummy.

These are just about the easiest Halloween treat to create. (Very kid-friendly, but watch out for the sharp skewers with younger kids. You can also skewer the marshmallow to create a hole, then replace the skewer with a lollipop stick.)

All you need:

black gourmet writer
skewers and/or lollipop sticks

What to do:
Skewer the marshmallows and draw your faces. That’s it!

TIP: So the writers don’t get sucked into the marshmallow surface, let the marshmallows sit out at room temperature for a few hours to stiffen a bit on the outside.

And the mummy:

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  1. Kami says

    So fun! I am definitely going to make these for my kids lunch boxes. Would you mind if I posted them on my blog and referenced back to you??

  2. Rachel says

    Thanks for the cute ideas for ghost facial expressions. I decorated a lot for our Halloween party. I didn’t put them on sticks, just on a platter and they looked like an army of ghosts. They were great. Thanks.

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