Easter day activity for kids: marshmallows, of course

Remember this keep-kids-busy Thanksgiving idea? I think I might use it for every holiday. This year we’re having at least 3 toddlers. I thought about decorating Easter eggs, but with a morning brunch, Easter egg hunt, and cooking Easter dinner, I groaned at the mess. So here’s an alternative to keep things tidier on Easter day (not to worry, purists, we’ve done our share of Easter egg decorating this year already).

what to do

While I’ve had great success washing any edible marker stains, I still suggest taking any precautions to avoid such a thing. To set up this activity, line a table with freezer paper, craft paper, wax paper or anything to protect the surface. Put out a bunch of marshmallows and edible markers, and let the kids go. Flowers, dots, bunnies, chicks…. scribble.Whatever. TIP: It’s easier to draw on the marshmallows if they are left to sit uncovered for a couple hours prior.

where to buy
  • The craft store, such as Michaels, will have markers, probably Wilton FoodWriters. While I don’t use these thicker-tipped markers for my fine detail drawings, for kids and Easter they work just fine.
  • Americolor Gourmet Writers. These are my go-to markers, available online and at some specialty cake decorating stores. If you don’t have the latter near you, these may be tough to find before Easter, so stick with the craft store.

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  1. booturtle says

    <3 this! I did the Thanksgiving marshmallow project for all the kids (and adults joined in) last year. Tremendous hit. And just yesterday I was working on drawing on marshmallows for cupcake toppers for tomorrow's neighborhood egg hunt. Using your jellybeans falling on the bunny as inspiration. You're awesome and my art skills stink so I love that you share the how tos. Happy Easter!

  2. Trish - Sweetology101 says

    Fast N Fancy, you da bees knees!! Sophia and I are ON LIKE DONKEY KONG with this rockin idea! I am awesome b/c I always pack my food doodlers (we are at my parents for the holiday weekend)…forgot contact lens solution but have food doodlers!

  3. lizy b says

    My kids hate dying Easter eggs…they can't stand the smell. This is perfect for them. I actually did the head slap "why didn't I think of that!". Thanks forth great idea!

  4. Het Thuisproject says

    I love your decorated marshmallows (and your cookies).
    I want to share my method of decorating marshmallows without the need for (expensive) edible markers. If you have the time, take a look at the 'how-to' on my blog 'Het thuisproject'.

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