Thanksgiving! pumpkin pie cookies for Celebrations


Three-in-a-row Thanksgiving cookie ideas for ya’… I made these for Celebrations. First up, pumpkin pie that fits in your hand, you can stack, package and even ship. Because they are cookies.


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  1. Jaclyn from Celebrations says

    Meaghan! We absolutely LOVE these cookies! Thank you again for sharing them with us at Celebrations!

  2. LilaLoa says

    You have so many clever ideas! Wouldn't these be great with pumpkin pie spice added to the dough and then you could use cinnamon chips on the edges! My husband would LOVE these!

  3. the decorated cookie says

    Aw, my blogging buddies, you're all too sweet to moi! And thank you to Jaclyn! And hi Roberta, thank you!!

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