pint-size camping cookies and tips on shipping


I’m a huge fan of mini decorated cookies. While the smaller canvas can make for more difficult decorating, there are so many advantages to working on a pint-size scale. The cookie cutters are so much cheaper. You get way more cookies out of a batch. Small cookies are easier to eat. And most importantly, when giving as a gift, many, small cookies are easier to share than a few, large cookies.




That last one was especially my reason for going small with these camping cookies. I sent these to my niece away at camp, assuming she’s currently surrounded by cookie-loving peers.  Scroll to the end for tips on shipping cookies!


To make these, I just prepared my cookie dough, chilled, rolled out, cut out, baked and let cool. I made my royal icing, tinted with Americolor Soft Gel Pastes (Super Black, Bright White, Egg Yellow, Orange, Chocolate Brown, Leaf Green, Electric Purple and Peach). I prepared disposable decorating bags with couplers and round tips sized 2 and 3, filled with the icing, and tied closed tightly with rubber bands. I let the cookies dry well overnight after decorating, then packaged them each in little cellophane bags tied with ribbon. For tips on finding supplies, click HERE. For basic cookie decorating how-tos, click HERE.



Look how tiny…



To ship cookies, below are some tips. The beauty of decorated cookies is they are the perfect sweet to make ahead and ship.


Let the cookies dry very well first, at least overnight.

Package the cookies individually in cello bags tied with ribbon or closed with tape.

Find the smallest box you can to accommodate all your cookies (this make take some trial and error).

If only shipping a few cookies, layer the bottom of the box with bubble wrap, then arrange the cookies in a single layer. Place popcorn in between the cookies, another layer of bubble wrap, then top with popcorn or crumpled tissue paper tightly.

If shipping many cookies, stack cookies of the same shape and lay on their side on a layer of bubble wrap. Place popcorn in between the stacks, and bubble wrap on the sides of the box. Top with bubble wrap and fill all the gaps with popcorn or crumpled tissue paper.

The key to successful shipping is to seal the box and shake it. You should hear NO MOVEMENT AT ALL in the box. Yes, it should be packed that tightly.


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  1. says

    These are so cute I can barely stand it!
    So adorable!
    I heart anything that has to do with camping!
    Love the way you photographed the cookies on the tree~tray.

  2. anonymous says

    great idea! Do you have any other ideas for patterns to ice the cookies? (other than the tree, marshmallow, tent, and fire) i love the feet by the way!

    • meaghanmountford says

      Though I’m SO not a camper (ask my camping daughter), I’ve done sleeping bags, flashlights, lanterns, canoes, bears, hiking trail signs (dang, forgot about that one, that would be too cute)….

  3. says

    My boyfriend left a few weeks ago on his first deployment & one thing I’m doing during deployment is sending him a letter each week with 1 thing I can’t wait to do when he gets back. Camping is one of the things I plan on using & these cookies would be perfect to go with it.

    I’m not 100% sure how long packages will take to reach him (just send his 1st one today), but I’m guessing 2-3 weeks. Do you think these would last that long?

    • meaghanmountford says

      Hi Ashley,
      As I started reading your comment, that was my first thought! These cookies DO last much longer than drop cookies, like chocolate chips. I usually say about a week for best freshness. You might be able to squeeze out a few weeks, though they will be a little dry. But I did ship decorated cookies to my husband when he was in Iraq (I think it took a couple weeks, it really depends on where they are going), and they were still enjoyed! All the best to you and your boyfriend!!

  4. says

    Thanks Meaghan! I think I may try making a batch, letting them sit in my house for a couple weeks & then having a little taste test. If they aren’t incredibly dry after that, I’ll make another batch to send to him.

    I think it’s mostly the thought that counts anyways when it comes to our guys overseas getting packages, so I’m sure he’ll love them dry or not.

    • meaghanmountford says

      Good call Ashley. And I agree about the thought that counts, especially sending them overseas. I remember the cookies and anything homemade were the biggest hits. (A little taste o’ home far away, you know?)

  5. TL Marchand says

    AWESOME! Alexandra sent us a note that reads…

    “Aunt Greg and Uncle Meaghan :-) sent me cookies. Tell them not to send me anymore.

    LOL!! I hope the girls in Maine enjoyed them!

  6. Katy Belle says

    Outstanding! Can’t wait to make these for my Boy Scouts! Mine won’t be so pretty…but its the thought that counts!

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