Easter roundup from the archives

sheep lamb cookies easter

You know the drill. In my part-laziness, part-actual-exhaustion-from-life thing I am capitalizing on the wealth of stuff in my archives to get me through seasons. No, I mean, I’m sharing these things for all you folks new to my blog. Yeah. It’s total consideration for the new folks. Let’s go with that.

Above are little lamb cookies, now in 3D! As always, find everything seasonal up in that Seasonal button, but below you’ll find links to a few that I especially like.


BUNNIES! Lots o’ bunnies. Some peeking bunny cookies, fuzzy bunny tail cookie pops, easy Peeps cupcakes, raining jellybean marshmallows, super easy bunny candy pops, and bunnies and a silly chick.

easter egg decorating ideas

This was a roundup of Easter egg decorating ideas I did for Reader’s Digest. It was a few years ago, and still one of my favorites.





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