Father’s Day Idea: DIY Beer Art by My Kid


My husband loves beer. Craft beers, cheap beers, not cheap beers, bottled beers, canned beers, domestic beers, imported beers, even brewing beer, anything beer. So what better Father’s Day gift from my daughter than beer? But she’s only five. Even if she could get a fake ID, she can’t drive and has no money or taste in good beer. So I wondered what could be a good beer-themed gift for her to make that would not raise any red flags at child services. Ta da! Beer Art. He likes beer. She likes art. Perfect.


Bonus: This is super duper crazy easy to make for pretty much any age. And it looks like actual art I’d hang on my wall. You know, instead of that other art I have hanging on my wall from my daughter’s experimental crayon stages. (Seriously, does every kid get a memo about the stripe of blue sky and corner sun?)



To have your kid make beer art…

You will need:

a bottle and/or can of beer

wax paper



canvas from the craft store


What to do: Pour out some paints on a piece of wax paper, whatever colors the kid wants. Use the brush to spread the paint around a bit so there aren’t huge glops. Have the kid stand a beer in a color of paint, then stamp on the canvas. Switch colors, mix bottles and cans, overlap, whatever. When finished, clean off the bottom of the beers and return to the fridge so your husband doesn’t know.



And this would be my kid with her beer. For her art. Looking all serious artist-like.



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