Pop Rocks shooters for Celebrations

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Well, one celebration specifically. The 4th of July of course. I’m not exactly known for mixology (except maybe in college, wink wink), so if I can make these layered drinks, trust me, anyone can. If I was better at it, I’d have done three layers: Red, white and blue. But I sort of cheated and mixed the white and blue together.

These are definitely for the non-shot taking types, as the mix of Pop Rocks fizz and yummy, creamy blend of Schnapps and half and half, goes down pretty smoothly. And I got to buy some grenadine. Sheesh, I haven’t had grenadine since I was a kid, in Shirley Temple form. I used to sit at the bar where my uncle tended and order a Shirley Temple with a zillion cherries. But I digress… on with shooters!

For the instructions to make them, click HERE to visit Celebrations.


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