Wednesday Roundup: 29 panda bear treats and crafts AND panda marshmallow pops

panda bear marshmallows

I have big news out of Washington DC. We’ve been waiting, and it’s finally happened. The panda cub was born on August 23rd at 5:32 PM. I will always remember where I was for this momentous occasion. (At IKEA, with my kids, a friend, and her kids. She got a text alert that said water broke at the National Zoo and we thought they meant a water pipe.) You see, pandas are big things here in Washington DC. Our zoo is committed to helping to research, conserve and breed the ever-so-rare and beautiful panda. You can learn more about the panda, and even watch the Panda Cam, HERE at the National Zoo’s site.

panda marshmallow

Sadly, the panda’s twin did not survive. And late last year, a six day old panda bear did not survive. So this birth is happy news for DC. I’m fortunate to live in this city that houses the Smithsonian. The Mall is flanked by wonderful museums of Natural History, American History, Air and Space, American Indian, Art… All free. Further north, in the heart of the city just miles from where I live and in the middle of the national park that runs the length of DC is the zoo. Also free. (OK, so you have to pay for parking, but I’m a zoo member, so I don’t.) As mother to two kids, this is a very good thing. I know the zoo well.

For this week’s Wednesday Roundup, I thought I’d give an ode to the panda. And I do realize that putting a panda head on a stick risks being interpreted all Lord of the Flies-like. Please believe me these are meant to be an homage, not Lord of the Flies-like. Here are 29 snacks, treats and crafts that celebrate the panda bear.

panda bear sushi

Remember this panda sushi I made? Way out of my comfort zone.

Decorate panda bear cookies at Cookie Crazie.

Or make chocolate and vanilla cookies at heo yeah yum.

Or here’s another version of the slice and bake cookies at Hungry at Midnight.

Make a panda bear cake at Betty Crocker.

You just need a few raisins to make a panda yogurt snack at Meet the Dubiens.

Yum! Make panda bear pastries at Hungry Happenings.

Find the how-tos to make perfect panda pancakes at Jenni Price Illustration.

Wish I had this talent. Make amazing panda macarons at Cakelets and Doilies.

Turn gummy bears into chocolate dipped panda candy on a stick at The Cheese Thief.

Put a panda in your bread at Prunille fait son show.

Snack on panda crackers at Muffin Tin Mom.

Check out these panda bear cake pops at Every Day Should Pop!.

Make panda cake on a stick at Wilton.

Make panda cupcakes with bamboo at Fancy Flours.

Or just make plain old (but not really “plain”) panda cupcakes at bakerella.

Have panda for dinner. I don’t mean that. I mean, make a panda burger or a panda pita pizza at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.

OK, then, how about for lunch. Make a panda bento at Parenting.  Or panda eggs at Happy Little Bento.  Or panda sandwiches at Cute Food for Kids.

Very clever, stack and paint panda rocks at Martha Stewart. (Yes, pandas DO rock.)

You’ll find tons of panda bear crafts here, but I most like the crushed bottle and can panda crafts at Danielle’s Place.

Find the free pattern to sew panda placemats at One Crafty Place.

How cute is this panda cord organizer at Punk Projects?

And how cute is this felt panda cell phone cover at Possums Love Art?

Make an adorable amigurumi panda at Random Assortment.

Just for fun, it’s a panda painted on a can, by Eric Barclay.


And lastly, make some easy panda bear marshmallow pops. How-tos below.


panda bear marshmallow pops



how to make panda marshmallow pops


you will need:*


jumbo confetti sprinkles

black edible writer

light corn syrup

sharp knife

lollipop sticks or straws

*Find the sprinkles, lollipop sticks and edible writer in the craft store. For more tips on finding the edible writers, click HERE.

panda marshmallow

what to do: Color one side of the jumbo sprinkles black with the edible writer. The light colored sprinkles work best and yes, you will stain your fingers. Use the knife to cut slits at the top sides of a marshmallow. Insert the sprinkle “ears,” using a dab of light corn syrup if needed to adhere. Gently squeeze the marshmallow around the sprinkles to secure. Use the writer to draw the panda face. Add a lollipop stick or straw.  Or, here’s a shortcut:


panda marshmallow

SHORTCUT TIP: Rather than a few minutes, take only a few seconds to make these by omitting the sprinkle part. Just draw the ears on the marshmallow, too.

marshmallow panda bear


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