April Fools lollipops from the meanest mom ever


Hey, Maeve. Darling, precious 6 year old love of mine. Have a lollipop. Yes, you may unwrap it. AND have it before dinner. Oh look what’s inside!

Broccoli. And the meanest mom ever laughs maniacally in the corner. (Joke is on me, though, as my daughter loves broccoli. Only steamed for exactly five minutes and never raw, so mwahahaha anyway.) Also, April Fool’s Day.





To make April Fools’ Day lollipops, pierce the bottom of a piece of raw broccoli with a lollipop stick (found at the craft store). Cut a piece of wax paper and tissue paper, each about 6 inches square, depending on how big the broccoli is. Place the wax paper square on top of tissue paper square and wrap around the broccoli, twisting the papers around the stick at the bottom of the vegetable. If necessary, use a small piece of clear tape to secure.




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    • meaghanmountford says

      Yep, Susan, she’s the world’s most PICKY eater, but at least there are some healthy things in there she’ll eat! Though she’d probably prefer the real lollipop.

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