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POP! cookies for my Dad (or for the 4th of July?)

My poor Dad. His birthday falls on or around Father’s Day every year. And yeah, I’ll admit it. I collapse them into one gift giving occasion. But in my defense, my dad is really, really difficult to shop for. I can’t imagine if I had to come up with two great ideas at the same […]

Father’s Day Idea: DIY Beer Art by My Kid

My husband loves beer. Craft beers, cheap beers, not cheap beers, bottled beers, canned beers, domestic beers, imported beers, even brewing beer, anything beer. So what better Father’s Day gift from my daughter than beer? But she’s only five. Even if she could get a fake ID, she can’t drive and has no money or […]

my mom’s recipes, neatly packaged, and lots of deals for you at Paper Coterie

  I think I may have found a new replacement for cookies as my go-to, unique and personalized gift for everyone for every occasion. Here’s a clue… see the “Good Stuff” in my sidebar? That would be Paper Coterie. I checked out their site, chock full of modern/vintage-y/chic (I couldn’t decide the best adjective, since […]

iPad cookie for Father’s Day

UPDATE: Thank you all so much for all your well wishes and cheer!! It’s a warming thing to come home to after an absolutely horrible, no good, terrible, miserable week at the hospital (well, that and our A/C was broken). I’m hanging in there and hope to be all better soon, and I so appreciate […]

cookies by kids (a father’s day gift idea)

I know exactly what you’re thinking. Genius, right? Yeah. I know. Can you believe the hand that made these is not yet three? Just consider the concentration, effort and patience it took to make this blue one … (in case my tone isn’t conveyed by blogging, please note I am not sending my daughter to […]