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Tag Archives: Oreo Cakesters

easy Oreo Cakester spiders, my guest post for (sniffle)

Three months after I left my dear gig as editor of Edible Crafts, I went back for a visit. Join me today to learn to make super easy Oreo Cakester spiders.  All you need are some Oreo Cakesters, candy eyes, black licorice lace and something sticky (corn syrup, frosting, whatever makes your eyes stick). For […]

Christmas petit fours, straight from the pages of Sugarlicious

As promised on Saturday, a peek inside Sugarlicious with a Christmas idea from the book. It’s starting to get real, seeing it all put together like this. Yikes, if I get butterflies opening a pdf, imagine how I’ll be opening that first box when I get the book! For a glimpse inside the book,  CLICK […]

way too easy Oreo Cakester bat and spider pops

Did I mention these were easy? I mean, really, really easy. So easy I felt a little guilty. I used the same chocolate piping method from these spider pops to make chocolate bat wings and spider legs and just stuck the wings and legs into the sides of Oreo Cakesters. Add a stick, and that’s […]

Oreo Cakester daisy petit fours… and a free bug topper printable

That’s a long title, but lots to cover in something so small. It’s been a looooong time since I made you fondant covered Oreo Cakester petit fours. Yikes, I first came up with these way back HERE almost two years ago. I include this idea in the book, so thought I would revisit them again […]

winter wonderland Oreo Cakesters

So how did these fondant covered Oreo Cakesters come about? 1. bakerella cut hearts from Cakesters last year 2. I saw said hearts and, with Cakesters on the brain, made fondant covered Cakester petits fours 3. i am baker saw said fondant covered Cakester petits fours and made her own gorgeous, perfect petits fours that […]