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Tag Archives: ornaments

Just for Kix: diorama ornaments

I want to make a jillion of these diorama ornaments. You know, in all my free time. (That’s funny because I have none. Zippo. Zilch free time.) I made one with a pipe cleaner snowman and pipe cleaner tree, but my heart belongs to this gnome and deer. With all of the cupcake toppers out […]

Just for Kix: crystal-coated pipe cleaner ornaments

I have to admit, this ornament-by-chemistry was pretty cool, but then I’m a long-established nerd. Dip pipe cleaner figures into a super saturated boiling water and Borax solution, wait a day, pull them out, and poof! Instant gorgeousness. Find the how-tos HERE at Kix Cereal.     Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog’s […]

kid-friendly Christmas craft: easy paint swirl ornaments

So my daughter spotted a box of plain, glass ornaments in our ornament bin. I tried to hide them, because our tree is already so overloaded, but she can’t be fooled. She wanted to decorate them. I wanted to decorate them in as easy a way as possible. (It was that kind of day.) I […]

dangling spider ornament cookies from Bird’s Magazine

A warning: I’m in Sandy the Hurricane’s line of fire, so I may be without my dear internet for a bit. Here’s one more Halloween idea to get you through. Fingers crossed we still get Halloween here in DC! Another warning: From now until December at the end of my pregnancy (and beyond into baby […]

Fall and Halloween Treats for Bird’s Party Magazine

My favorite season is upon us, and while I can certainly appreciate the fireflies and beach and pool and popsicles, I’m fine bidding adieu to summer. And if you’re at all clinging to the hot days, then maybe the Fall issue of Bird’s Party Magazine will entice you to leave it behind. I think this […]