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Tag Archives: sandwich

Just for Kix: Painted planet sandwiches

Have you ever tried painting bread with milk and food coloring? It’s so easy, and such a wonderful food craft to keep kids busy for at least a little while. I made some painted planet sandwiches, but you can paint anything. Find the how-tos for painted planet sandwiches HERE at Kix. Feel free to share […]

Just for Kix: Heart-Filled Lunch for the Kids

Hearts, hearts and more hearts. If you can bear just a few more this season, here are a few you can pack in a lunch box: Sandwiches cut into hearts, cucumbers with carrot heart centers, Kix with dried strawberries. I think a love note should be in there, too. Find the how-tos and recipe for […]

Just for Kix: Seal sandwich

Do I need to clarify that this is a sandwich shaped like a seal and not, in fact, a “seal sandwich”? I hope not. I like this sandwich so much because you don’t need anything fancy to make it. All you need to do is cut and rearrange a plain old sandwich. That being said, […]

Just for Kix: UFO sandwiches

This is new territory for me. While I was edible crafts editor over at, I saw and posted on loads and loads of clever bloggers making clever sandwiches for their kids. But I never ventured in that direction. Until now. This UFO sandwich is inspired by my standard UFO doodle that I’ve been doodling […]