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Tag Archives: strawberries

chocolate-covered strawberries… only easier to make, easier to eat, and on a stick

I like chocolate covered strawberries. Sure. They are decadent and all that. But I don’t like eating inconvenient food. Food that is cumbersome. Messy. Awkward. As I find chocolate covered strawberries. Caramel apples fall into this category, too. I don’t eat caramel apples, because crowns are expensive to replace. And so I made these. The […]

frozen yogurt fruit pops

Hmmm, aside from the sticks and flower part, you might not know this is my blog because these are actually healthy. Wow, go me for a change. Just yogurt, fruit and a li’l bit o’ sweetener. That’s it! And looking back at it all (since I made this post months ago, believe it or not, […]

summer is here…

… at least in my part of the world, though we’ve had our uncomfortably hot days already. Any big summer plans? We’ll be digging into the lead-filled walls of our 1930s fixer-upper home this summer, so my daughter and I will be heading North to visit family to avoid the dust.   A little trip […]

strawberry spread with pie chips

I’m not usually one for straight dessert recipes. Nah, I usually like stuff on a stick, shaped funny or drawn on. But I made an exception, just for DOLE. And for Foodie. And for Craft Gossip. Because these three elements combined in kind of confusing ways to compel me to come up with a recipe […]

strawberry patch cupcakes

Despite the fact I’ve subscribed to Better Homes and Gardens for almost 15 years now, I’m a terrible, terrible gardener. (I get the magazine for the home and food sections, and skip right over the middle.) I certainly wish I had extensive gardening knowledge, but seeing as how plants wilt and wither when I walk […]