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Tag Archives: sunflowers

sunflower marshmallow pops, the other way

  And now for sunflower marshmallows, part two… the even easier way! Come on, how many of you predicted this exact outcome? Once again, I made these ages upon ages ago, back before I lost my days to home renovation and a 4 and 11/12 year old.     To make sunflower marshmallow pops:   […]

sunflower marshmallow pops–two ways

  I have another version of sunflower marshmallow pops coming your way, too, so stay tuned…   This idea is super similar to an idea I have in Sugarlicious (except in there I use cake pops instead of marshmallows, and add leaves, and do something a bit different with the card stock). But I’m spilling […]

painted sunflower cookie pops

1997 was a bizarre year for me. I needed a series of major surgeries, so I took the whole year off, moved in with my mom, and spent much of the year in and out of hospitals. But it wasn’t all bad. I had this sanctioned year off with no responsibilities, no kids, no job, […]

sunflower cookies and my kid’s awesome photography

These cookies are pretty much the same concept as these dot daisy flower cookies. In the comments, Sue of Munchkin Munchies mentioned she had made little sunflower cookies, and that stuck with me. I often turn to sunflower cookies for solemn occasions, as they are synonymous with cheer. When someone in my family lost someone […]