how to decorate a candy cane

Cookie, that is. Here’s an easy way to decorate candy cane cookies.

you will need:*
candy cane cookie cutter
2 decorating bags
2 couplers
2 tips (size 2 and 4)
Americolor soft gel pastes (Red Red and Bright White)
rubber bands

*a note on supplies…. see the link for my dough and frosting recipes (you can also use your own). The bags/couplers/tips are available at any craft store. Americolor pastes are a bit harder to find. See the link for their web page and find places to shop online, or try specialty cake decorating shops. You can also just buy my mini candy cane cookie decorating kit, which has everything you need already. Hint. Hint.

step one: bake your cookies
Use your own recipe or mine to cut out and bake your cookies. Let cool.

step two: color your frosting
Prepare a frosting bag with a 2 tip and a frosting bag with a 4 tip using the bags, tips, and couplers. (See bag package for instructions.) Color about 1/2-3/4 cup of frosting red. Color the same amount with white. Fill the bag with the 2 tip with red and close tightly with a rubber band. Fill the 4 tip bag with white and close tightly with a rubber band.

step three: decorated your cookies
With the white 4 tip, outline the candy cane. Let set about ten minutes and fill with the white 4 tip. Using a zig zag motion, start from the tip and pipe your frosting back and forth to fill. Let set about ten minutes. Using the red with 2 tip, pipe stripes on top of the candy cane.

for variation: Clean and switch the tips on the bags. Fill the candy cane background with red 4 tip and pipe white stripes with the 2 tip.

my mini kit:

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