how to draw on food: bite-size Bastille Day cookies

I was going to draw little prisons for La Fete Nationale, but I figured the Eiffel Tower was more recognizable. You can also do this design on larger cut-outs (circles, squares, whatever).

how to make mini Eiffel Tower fireworks cookies

you will need:
white rolled fondant (store-bought or homemade)
cookie dough
rolling pin
wax paper or confectioner’s sugar

fondant cutter (I used a 1 1/2 inch square)
small paint brush
light corn syrup

blue and red sprinkles

black edible marker

*Find fondant, the cutters, paint brush and the sprinkles (I used Wilton’s sparkling sugars) in the craft store. For the pen, I recommend Americolor Gourmet Writers, or the fine tip FooDoodlers. For tips on finding supplies, click HERE.

step one: prepare your cookies
Make your desired flavor of cookies, cut out cookies with the fondant cutter, and bake according to recipe. Let cool.

step two: cut out your fondant toppers
Roll fondant between two pieces of wax paper or use confectioner’s sugar to prevent sticking. Roll to desired thickness, about 1/8 inch. Cut out shapes and set aside on wax paper to stiffen a couple hours if you have the patience (I didn’t, I decorated right away, but it would’ve been easier to wait).

step three: draw the Eiffel Tower
Use the black marker to draw the Eiffel Tower according to the instructions below.
1. draw a line with a square and two long rectangles
2. connect the square and rectangle and the two rectangles with lines
3. draw two more lines in the lower section
4. draw an “L” and a backwards “L” at the bottom
5. connect the two “L”s with an arch
6. draw “X”s

step four: make your fireworks
Pour some light corn syrup in a small bowl. Using the corn syrup as paint, use the paint brush to paint a few curved lines. Sprinkle blue sprinkles over the topper and turn over to remove excess. Repeat with red sprinkles. Let dry several hours and then carefully brush away errant sprinkles with a dry brush.
step five: assemble your cookies
Simply adhere the fondant toppers to the cookies with a thin layer of corn syrup or frosting.

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  1. Sue Sparks says

    I love these, and all of your tutorials! Thanks also for the link to the Eiffel tower made from wafer cookies on your Edible crafts blog; I love it!

  2. ALICIA says

    fantasticas galletas te felicito ¡
    I love your cookies, Madrid and I'm crazy about your page congrats

  3. Bird says

    OMG!! I LOVE these!! especially since I live in France!! :)

    I'm so sharing this on FB an dtwitter!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  4. Jenni @ Project Cookie 365 says

    Those look awesome! I went the prison route… haha, I wish I'd gone this route instead – I especially ove the fireworks!!

  5. bridget {bake at 350} says

    You are SO DARN CREATIVE! Stop it…you're making the rest of us have an inferiority complex (or maybe it's just me)! 😉

  6. c rankycheryl says

    These are jaw-droppingly adorable, and your instructions are right on. I'm tucking this one away for next July!

  7. Livy says


    This is what we would say in French to mean that what you do is wonderful. I just discovered your blog and I am soooooo amazed. I love your tutorials, your posts and everything. Are you looking for an intern ? Lol !!!
    Hugs from Paris ! Livy.

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