marshmallow love bugs

Hey little marshmallow love bug. Lonely?
Here, have a friend!


Remember when I made this sewing themed gingerbread cottage in cahoots with Cheryl at Sew Can Do? And how I love challenges and parameters? (I may not have mentioned that, but I do.) We had such fun with our sweet vs. sewn Christmas challenge, we decided to have a go at Valentine’s Day with new themes. Yes, I said themes as in plural. We have even more goodness coming your way next week.

This week, our theme is: LOVE BUGS!! I have to give you a sneak peek at Cheryl’s ridiculously adorable love bug hat and onesie worn by a ridiculously adorable love bug. Wow, I wish I could sew to be surrounded by such cuteness all the time. Please, please, check out Cheryl’s etsy shop, The Green Hedgehog. (Ridiculously adorable baby not for sale, but the love bug hat is.)

Check back tomorrow for Cheryl’s guest post featuring her love bug creations!


how to make marshmallow love bugs
you will need:*
lollipop sticks
pink sprinkles
mini heart cookie cutter
mini gumdrops
large gumdrops
heart confetti sprinkles
black edible marker
wax paper
rolling pin
styrofoam block
light corn syrup
*I know the list above seems long, but most things you probably have in the kitchen already. Find the sprinkles, heart cutter (use a small heart, no more than an inch, this may be part of a fondant cutter set), confetti sprinkles, edible marker, lollipop sticks and Styrofoam block at the craft store. If you can’t find heart confetti sprinkles, circles will work for the eyes. Just omit the heart on his chest.

what to do:
Slide two marshmallows (or three) on a lollipop stick. It helps immensely if you grease the lollipop stick first with shortening. Fill a deep bowl or cup with water. Dip the marshmallows in and remove quickly, dabbing excess water on a paper towel. Hold the wet marshmallows over a bowl or plate and sprinkle generously to coat with the sprinkles. Rest the stick of marshmallows on a piece of wax paper.

Use the marker to add two black dots to two white heart sprinkles. Use a toothpick to dab dots of corn syrup on the back of the eyes to adhere to the marshmallows. Add a red heart sprinkle to the lower marshmallow. Let the marshmallows lay on the wax paper until the eyes and heart set.

Cut two mini gum drops in half horizontally with a sharp knife. Use a small piece of dried spaghetti, about 1-inch long, to skewer the top half of the gum drop and attach to the top of the bug’s head. Roll a large gumdrop with a rolling pin on a surface dusted generously with granulated sugar. Roll about 1/4 inch thick. Cut out two mini hearts. Skewer the hearts with another small piece of dried spaghetti and attach to the bug’s body for wings. Prop in a Sytrofoam block to fully dry.


Assuming these might be made for kids, I used dried spaghetti to attach the antennae and wings rather than toothpicks so that the entire bug was technically edible. But I most certainly suggest removing the spaghetti before eating, and really really really suggest removing the antennae and wings before handing a marshmallow love bug to a young child!! These would also be love buggy without the antennae and wings altogether if you’d like to play it safe.

Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog's photographs and text are protected by copyright, I do allow (and encourage) you to share ONE photograph with credit to "the decorated cookie" and link to this blog post. PLEASE don't reprint any part of the blog post and PLEASE don't post a photo without credit. Thank you!


  1. Kudos Kitchen says

    Meaghan your marshmallow love bugs are outragously cute!!!! Love the drawings of how you made them too. So fun and whimsical! LOVE this idea!!!

  2. Jenni says

    you must reaaallllly like marshmallows. It seems like every post for the past few months have been marshmallows lol. I can't personally stand marshmallows unless they are in S'Mores, but these love bugs remind me of robots, and make me smile!

  3. Bakergirl says

    This is the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life. They're almost too cute to eat! I'm trying to resist running to the store for marshmallows & pink sprinkles right this second. You're so creative!

  4. Chic Cookies says

    Thank you all so much! Actually Jenni, the big secret is I'm not as partial to the taste of marshmallows as cookies either! But… they are ridiculously quick and easy to decorate (much appreciated with my crazy life, and hence, popular with lots of people). I promise, though, not every post will be marshmallows. LOTS of cookies coming up, so stay tuned! And phew, I checked, in the last month, marshmallows only beat out cookies 5 ideas to 4! (Did I say "only"? That seems like too much actually)

  5. Rachael says

    I wonder if you could use those little pink marshmallow hearts for the little bug wings for those who don't have a mini heart cutter. Our Walmart has them out now. Very cute idea! Love it!

  6. Chic Cookies says

    Definitely Rachael! As I was making them I thought of a million better things for wings but didn't have the foresight standing in the store! Plus that'd save the hassle of rolling and cutting out!

  7. Rose says

    I wonder if you could use those old-fashioned candy cigarettes or cut a strip of a Twizzler for the antennae stems. My son and I are making these for his class V-Day party.

  8. Katie says

    I made these as cupcake toppers for my son’s preschool Valentine’s party. They are adorable! I used the bottom, unused portion of the gum drop to make the heart wings. I squished them into a circle with my fingers, pressed them into sugar,and then formed them into wings by hand. No rolling pin or cookie cutter and they still came out great. Thanks for the idea, my kids LOVE them!! I wanted to post a picture but don’t know how.

  9. meaghanmountford says

    Katie, I’m going to email you now. I’d love to see a picture! If you like, you can send one along to submit to my Sweet Treat Friday. I’m posting reader pics up on my facebook page (and then you get an automatic entry into the giveaway for the layer cake shop gift certificate). My email is:

  10. Rose says

    Twizzlers work for the antennae and to get the wings on. We did pink and red sugar coatings. My son also did most of the work on a “garden” for the bugs – a white basket with foam blocks and paper grass, and foam bug and flower stickers on toothpicks. I’ll send you a photo. He’s very proud!

    • meaghanmountford says

      Shannon, while the sprinkles coating actually makes these last longer than if you left plain marshmallows out in the air, I would place these in a single layer on a piece of parchment paper in a big Tupperware if you have it. Or large Ziplocs!

  11. says

    Thanks for a wonderful idea! I put a link to these in my blog and modified them just a little to use as class treats. Your stuff is always amazing and your drawings are so cute!


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